Ronica Jeffrey: First Taste of Bronx Paradise

Ronica In the Mix
In the Mix

At the Paradise Theatre in the Bronx, January 31, 2008, Ronica Jeffrey collided with Karen Dulin for a scheduled 4 round Professional Featherweight Boxing Debut.

For the first two rounds, a faster Ronica scored better in general with especially heavy punches to Karen’s body. But make no mistake, tough and solid to the core, she took the blows and keep fighting. During the third round, Ronica, again using her speed advantage, started landing some head shots that took a toll. Karen sometimes looked away to protect her face, when she might have blocked and countered instead of losing precious focus. Never-the-less, during the round four slug fest, Karen fought well despite falling pray to Ronica’s single combinations, a left to the body then right to the head.

Ronica Tough Fighters
Tough Fighters

New Yorkers witnessed a dynamic bout of heart and fury, physical conditioning and grit that did boxing proud. Karen fought with courage and earned her right into Professional boxing. And an equally brave and determined Ronica earned and started her Professional boxing career with a win.

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