Kids are God’s Gift

Kids are God’s gift. They are the joy of the present day and they are the future. Kids are precious to the bond of family. US laws provide kids special consideration. The US gives more attention to kids than any country in the world. One who is born in the United States is privileged to be a US citizen, privileged to be very safe. They will not have to spend any time as a refugee in the future. They will never become a person without a nation.

In spite of all the attention and facilities, parents are not getting enough time to stay and look after their kids. They have insufficient time to nurture them. It is not because parents don’t wish to be with their kids but because they lack time. They need to run after careers and livelihood. As a human being, no one wants to fall behind others. This compulsion pushes parents to stay away from their kids, the heart of their life.

Day-care centers are everywhere, to take care of infants and kids. Baby sitters also available for that purpose, too. This is a positive part from one side that the infants and kids are taken care of by day-care centers or baby sitters. Kids will be socialized and they will get good times for learning from each other. But the negative part is infants and kids are missing their parents. If they don’t get proper care from the day-care centers and baby sitters, infants and kids will miss out on love and happiness that they need at this stage of their lives.

I think day-care centers should provide facilities to the kids so they don’t feel missing their loved ones. The centers must understand how kids get happy while staying there, and be responsible to fill the vacuum of love for short times. Kids need good hygiene and fresh air, time for a nap and good food. The State and City Governments must issue licenses for centers that maintain high standards.

As a person having spent 14 years teaching school children in Nepal, I have realized that the disciplined students are those who have received very good care by the parents during their early years. They are also cool minded as against the child who did not receive good care. Therefore, parents should take care of their kids very sincerely and lovingly during the weekends or off-days.

Government could provide special privileges to parents, such as allowing less working hours with the same pay to those with infants or kids up to a certain age.

Kids are the God’s gift. They should be taken care of with the deepest heart.