India Protests to China Over Stamping of Kashmiris Visas

After Tresspassing in Indian Territories, China is Now Provoking India Differently

What China is up to is not clear. But one thing is clear that it is provoking India to the limit. First it was an airspace violation some time back, followed by intrusion into Ladakh. Not satisfied with such aggressions against India, it is now adopting a totally different attitude to further provoke India by stamping visas on separate paper instead of on Kashmiri passports.

India made a strong protest and conveyed its dismay over Chinese attitude ovrer stamping of visas on separate papers instead of on the passports of the Kashmiris. This is not the first attempt. Earlier same thing was done to people traveling from Arunachal Pradesh, which according Chinese belonged to China.

On stamping of visas on separate paper for Kashmiris, the Chinese were attempting to convey the message that China considers Jammu and Kashmir a disputed territory.

Raising the issue with Chinese Embassy, MEA spokesperson Vishnu Prasad said, “It is our considered view and position that there should be no discrimination against visa applicants of Indian nationality on the grounds of domicile for ethnicity”.

“We have conveyed our well-justified concern to the Chinese government in this regard,” the spokesperson concluded.

India wants friendly relations with China. India even went to the extent of cautioning the press and other media not to hype the recent Chinese intrusion on both air and land, to maintain the cordiality that exists in relations with China. China even went to the extent of denying its intention to usurp Indian territories but wanted an amicable solution to the border disputes with India.

China recently celebrated its 60 year anniversary with much fanfare and demonstrated to the world its military strength as well. Though the present Chinese leadership has taken China to the threshold of becoming a major economic power, not to speak of its military strength, it is not maintaining cordiality that is expected of them with their neighbours. If China is desirous of expanding its economic status in the region, it can do so not by undermining the neighbours especially India. It is particularly envious of India’s economic development for in the Asian region, no other country poses a bigger challenge to its status as a number one economic power than India. That is why it is doing everything to rattle Indian leadership through such provocations.

However, Indian leadership maintained that friendship with all is its primary goal, though it is emerging as an economic power in the region. It has no intention of falling into the trap of the Chinese provocations. That is why the MEA had cautioned all media not to fan the fire. India’s stand was also appreciated by the Chinese.

It is in the interest of all that China should stop such actions like stamping visas in a separate paper for Kashmiris and people travelling from Arunachal Pradesh. The Chinese must not forget that it is also facing ethnic problems in Xinjiang province and Tibet. The Chinese should keep their own house in order first before pointing the finger at others. Jai Hind.

A.M. Jamsheed Basha
A.M. Jamsheed Basha is a Chennai-based columnist, political commentator, who writes on matters of importance, political, social and self-improvement.