India: Opposition Demands PM Resign as Anti-Corruption Activist’s Health Fades

New-Delhi: 74 year old anti corruption activist, Anna Hazare’s health has started deteriorating, as his fast for a strong Lokpal bill on Monday entered into its 7th day, with no agreement in the sight between the government and the adamant Team Anna.

Over 100,000 people joined the hunger striker on Sunday and the number of supporters is increasingly with each passing day.

Anna Hazare on Sunday evening in his address threatened to intensify the agitation if the Jan Lokpal bill was not introduced in the parliament by August 30th. “I warn the government to accept my demands and introduce a strong Lokpal in the parliament by august 30, if they will not do so I will announce Jail Bharo Protest” he said from the Stage of the Ramlila ground in Delhi.

He also said that either government has to bring a strong Lokpal bill or it has to quit. “Government is not taking any concrete steps to curb the corruption, if they wouldn’t introduce the bill they have to leave the government.”

Meanwhile, India’s government has started back channel talks with Team Anna to reach some consensus. Indian News channel NDTV reported that the Government has roped in spiritual guru Bhayyu Maharaj and top Maharashtra bureaucrat UC Sarangi for back-channel talks with Team Anna.”

Earlier, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during a function in Kolkata this morning, indicated in his address that the government is ready to debate on the Lokpal Bill. He said the government was serious about eradicating corruption.

The Top Indian opposition Leader A K Advani on Sunday said the time has come for the Prime minister to step down “Time has come for prime minister Manmohan Singh to vacate his office as he has miserably failed in discharging his duties,” he said.

Pertinently, reports reaching here said that people are protesting in every corner of the country against the government and demanding to bring a Jan Lokpal in the Parliament. In Mumbai, the financial capital of the country, a rally demanding the introduction of the bill in parliament was held in which 200,000 people took part.

“In Every State we are getting reports people are supporting the movement and this is the time for the government to initiate the steps to curb the corruption in country” Arvind Karjewal, a close aide of Anna Hazare said on Monday.

Meanwhile, thousands of volunteers are coming forward to offer their support in Ramlila ground, which flooded with people from different walks of life, to support the 74 year old Activist.