How Long Can Politicians Avoid Anna Hazare Movement In India?

Politicians often don’t listen to the people they are supposed to be serving. If they did, they’d never get any work done.

In the US, the Congress and presidents have done this for years, except at those times the cacophony becomes so loud they can’t ignore it any more.

At least that is the theory. At the last US election, the people spoke loud and clear, as they elected many “Tea Party” politicians to serve them. Unfortunately, President Obama, the Democrats and quite a few Republicans are carrying on with business as usual.

In India, the politicians have more constituents, so it has been much more important for them to ignore the noise, so they can get their work done. In India, the work of politicians is so important that they feel the need to not only ignore the people, but carry on allowing – possibly even taking part in – massive corruption.

The people of India have had enough.

gandhian supporter
A Gandhian style Anna Hazare supporter, posing during the anti corruption Movement in New Delhi, India.

After a false start, in which they thought they’d made an impression on the politicians, it soon became clear that although the noise was heard, the politicians were just going back to their time-tested ways. That means carrying on with corruption and ignoring the people.

Anna Hazare, who helped get the attention of the politicians earlier this year, realized nothing was ever going to change unless the politicians – even the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh – had a cowpat slapped in their face and another jammed up their noses.

Being a Gandhian peace activist, of course, Hazare was never going to do anything violent, so cowpats were out of the question.

The demonstrations and death by fasting aren’t violent, but they may as well be, because they are finally gaining massive attention. This just shows what can be achieved if you rally enough people and you have an elegant message.

You need enough people because you have to make a lot of noise and you have to cause major disruption. Only when that happens, can you get the attention of the mainstream media. They have the power to reach many more people than NewsBlaze or other independent media such as The American Chronicle can. At the same time, you have to get the attention of the politicians, otherwise, they will just ignore the mainstream media too.

Anna Hazare has all of that, but still the politicians and the Prime Minister of India are doing their best to ignore him and all his followers. Their strategy appears to be “ignore, minimize and belittle,” because it has worked before.

There is a very good reason they are ignoring him. It is called stonewalling. That is what politicians and others do when they are as guilty as sin and there is no way they can win, so they just try to outlast the protest.

What possible reason could cause PM Manmohan Singh to stonewall and ignore the people? Is he guilty of corruption? I don’t know, but he was recentrly embarassed by his overwhelming support for a corupt official to the Central Vigilance Commission. Possibly he is protecting others or the parliamentary system, but certainly, he wants the Lokpal (Ombudsman) Bill to not cover the Prime Minister.

It is possibly either one, or even both. He may just not “get it” – yet. But that makes no sense, because a good Prime Minister would surely want his people to have the utmost confidence in him and the system he leads. It does a leader no good at all to be in the position of “leader,” if the people have no confidence that he is on their side or has their best interests at heart. The absolute worst thing a good leader can do is ignore his people.

It seems like a big game, with all spoils going to the elected men and women, no matter what the people want, no matter what the people say.

It must stop.

It will probably stop, because no matter what the politicians want, the people this time appear to have the upper hand and will not likely give in easily.

You know things are really bad when even militants announce they are supporting a peace activist.

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Anna Hazare’s message to the people of India from Tihar prison compound, recorded by Dr. Kiran Bedi on August 18, 2011

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Another day, more corruption, another government delay, another protest. Anna Hazare and his supporters are not giving up. The pressure on the government is mounting.

Publish Date: 08/20/2011 08:00

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