Thousands of People on Roads in India Support Anti Corruption Movement

New-Delhi: The Support for prominent social activist Anna Hazare and his team grew wider and louder on Wednesday as thousands of people came on Indian roads to support Hazare in his anti-corruption movement.

The 72 year old man, who was detained on Tuesday by the Indian police citing the “prohibitory measures,” is still lodged in Tihar jail. He is not willing to come out, insisting the government should accept all the demands for his fast.

For the whole day, people, most of them youth, came out on the roads to support what they call the “public movement.”

DSC 0282
Candle march In New Delhi to support Anna Hazare

In the national capital, New Delhi, thousands of people gathered at many places. Historic India gate, outside Tihar jail where the Anna has been kept, attracted huge crowds shouting slogans against the corruption and the India government for its “unjustified” act against Hazare.

The talks going on between the government and Team Anna have not yielded any results yet.

Opposition leader Arun Jaitley says that this protest is a wakeup call for the entire government. “It is a wake-up call for all of us unless we put our house in order. The people of this country are becoming restless with regard to rampant corruption everywhere in the country,” he said in the parliament.

Mayank Aggarwal, a student who came to support Anna Hazare told Newsblaze, “I am here to protest against the government, in India, we have just democracy in name only, and we are deprived of real democracy here”

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People Protesting against government In the capital of India to support anti corruption activist Anna Hazare

Meanwhile reports coming from the different states of India said that majority of people are showing their support for the prominent social activsit by protesting against the India government.

The prime minister on Wednesday commented on the Anna Hazare movement, “Delhi Police apprehended that Shri Anna Hazare and his supporters would commit a cognizable offence and there were fears of a breach of peace.”

A political analyst here says that they (government) were not expecting such massive protests from the people. “None of the ministers were expecting this type of protest” Another Political analyst told NewsBlaze “Protests have cornered the whole government leaving it in a state of lurch.”

Pertaining to the Massive protest, India Congress today raised questions on the recent US statement to exercise “appropriate democratic restraint” in dealing with peaceful protests and asked the government to inquire how a “lone” civil rights activist is drawing support.

“US never supported any movement in India since its Independence. For the first time, the US said Anna Hazare’s movement should be allowed and there should be no obstruction to it. What was the need for the US to give this statement” a congress official said here.

What the people Say:

Newsblaze talked with a few people, saying what they feel:

Prashant Verma, IT student: The Government is not doing anything; they know they will be caught when the Jan Lokpal bill will be passed in parliament.

Akash Arora, Lawyer: I am with you Anna, if people can make a government, they can break it as well. It is so shameful for the government to detain a person who is fighting against corruption.

Suresh Anand, Businessmen: This government has completely failed to curb the corruption. We are not independent yet, from these corrupt parliamentarians.

Surrender Paul, Government Employee: It is the first time the people of the country have the power of changing a corrupt country. I am with Anna and I am ready to die for my country.

Akhil Gupta (7 year Old): I am protesting here to save my country