Hindu Cause!

I am from the only used to be Hindu Nation/Kingdom in the World, that is the most beautiful, sacred and heavenly nation, Nepal. Hinduism has its root in Nepali land if we look deeply into it and do thorough scientific research and also from the dharmic (religious) ways.

Long before Indus valley was developed pretended to be the root of Hinduism or we say the way of life, Lord Shiva/Sankara/Mahadev/Bhole Nath/Pashupatinath’s home happened to be the Kailash which then belonged to Nepal now falls within the Chinese Autonomous Region/Tibet.

The Pashupati area where there is a temple of Pashupatinath has a very different story. It has no record of its origin. No one could yet discover when was it built and by whom? We can derive a conclusion that Pashupatinath temple was Lord Shiva-Sankara’s home. Therefore, all Hindu Rishimunis (Saints) lived within the Pashupati area. Nepali people are considered to be the sons and daughters of Rishimunis. Those sons and daughters of Rishimunis spread the ways of life towards West.

Indus Valley also falls in the West from Nepal. If we believe, Gods and Rishimunis existed before the human beings then we must accept that the ways of life has been exported from Pashupati area, the homes of Lord Shiva-Sankara and Rishimunis to Indus Valley. Thus, Pashupati area has the highest contributions towards shaping or even creating Indus civilization/Hinduism. May be with this reason, touring four Dhamas (Pilgrimage) by Hindus won’t be complete unless worshiped Pashupatinath which is in the heart of the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu.

The reason why I am mentioning the above is just for the simple purpose. What good is talking high when we do nothing for Hinduism/Hindutwa? We Hindus are fond of talking high and selling a cheap dream for a high return. Hindus are becoming more self-centered. Hindus are becoming more opportunists. We don’t even care to sell our soul if that provides profits. Especially, trusting Hindus of India/Indian Hindus are axing your own legs. They speak one thing does the other. They are creating useless scenario.

Ram-Setu issue has been used to come into power. Babri Masjid was used for the same purpose. Indian Hindus have created a scene to laugh while going after the Love Guru movie just for a small self selling publicity. If Indians are real Hindus they would have given every support to Nepalese Hindus to fight against the infidels and sinners when they were turning only Hindu Kingdom into the so-called Secular Federal Democratic Republic Nepal which is a path to Khmer Rouge type Communist People’s Republic Nepal.

If Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the main opposition party in India is truly devoted to the cause of Hinduism/Hindutwa, instead of lip-serving it should help all Hindus especially nearer to its working areas to strengthen its own philosophy upon which it stands, Hindutwa. The BJP must help build the different organizations in different parts of the world to come into offensive position to dismantle attacks upon Hindus and Hinduism instead of staying on defensive position, a weaker side in any game plan, in sports or politics. If you are right and if you know you are meant to be attack, you can stay in opposition’s defensive position making yourself in offensive mode. We, Hindus are attacked in numerous cases in the history, we are being attacked till date. We are made weaker and weaker. We are losing our strength because we are compelled to stay in defense every time.

To make Hindutwa/Hinduism survive, we need to assert an offensive position. We need to build different religious and other organizations to protect and promote our cause. We need to promote our way of life i. e., “live in peace” or “live and let live” principles. This is what the Hindutwa/Hinduism is for. Tolerance has its limit. It has already reached off limits. We, Hindus now must prove that we are on offense. To assert offensive position, we all Hindus of the world should attempt to declare null and void the ideas of making Nepal, a Secular Federal Democratic Republic. No doubt, Nepal must be Hindu Nation which has about 90 percent Hindu population. It depends on people if they want to retain Monarchy? Hindu Religion has its culture and traditions of having a King in each and every prayers.

Therefore, there will be no big debate retaining Hindu Monarchy. Even after the system of Monarchy has been put at side, the major portion almost 65 percent Nepalese strongly support Monarchy. It has reached up to 90 percent after King Gyanendra left the throne without showing any greed to remain as Monarchy by compromising honesty and patriotism. Nepal could be the breaking point for all Hindus to lay winning foundation and march ahead towards winning more battles. We Hindus of Nepal, therefore, have been trying to convince Indian Hindus to be wise while wasting time for a small thing like going after Love Guru movie, going after one guy who was killed just because he was a Hindu or someone was discriminated because he was a Hindu. We have bigger issues like saving the rights of lives of all Hindus, raising voices against anti-Hinduism, and finally, turning Nepal into Hindu Kingdom once and for all. The small issues will automatically come under bigger and important issues.

The Nepalese people and especially the patriot Hindu Nepalese will never like to see interference by BJP or any other party or by India or any other countries in Nepal’s internal matters. However, since there is Hindutwa/Hinduism has been involved, Nepalese Hindus must join hands with Hindus of the world. Nepali Hindus are now ready to accept any help from Hindus of the world and especially from BJP if that is provided without conditions. BJP’s support will help Nepal a lot in fighting against infidels and sinners and at the same time BJP can find its first offensive line in favor of Hindutwa/Hinduism.

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Bishal Shah
Bishal Shah is a Nepalese writer, the Chairman of the Nepali Nationalists Organization now based in the USA.