Hills State Democratic Party Holds Massive Election Campaign In Karbi Anglong

Party Demands Separate State

Diphu December 1 – NewsBlaze – Hills State Democratic Party (HSDP), the rechristened Autonomous State Demand Committee practically kicked off their election campaign for the general election through a mammoth rally organized at Karbi Anglong Sports Association (KASA) stadium, Diphu today.

The rally was organized to mark the second anniversary of the Hills State Democratic Party and was observed as ‘Superset State Demand Day.’ Supporters came to Diphu from all over Assam, as far away as the Meghalaya border in thousands of hired buses and trucks. HSDP supporters arrived at KASA stadium in thousands of small vehicles and two and three wheelers. “This is a show of strength aimed at the coming election. Either the BJP may join us to reduce Congress strength in the hills of Assam or contest the election under electoral understanding” Robindra Rongpi senior leader of HSDP said.

Separate State High On Agenda

“A separate state is the only political solution for the people of Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao, we want a separate state democratically within the two hill districts of Assam as our geographical borders are clearly defined; this is possible only by escalating the movement in both Dima Hasao and Karbi Anglong, unification among various communities is necessary” Depolal Hojai, Ex Chief Executive Member of Hima Haso Autonomous Council said in his speech.

Thousands of HSDP supporters yesterday marched from Bakulia to Diphu covering a distance of 55 kilometers to revivify the guts of the 1992 “Diphu Chalo,” a march organized by ASDC to take over Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council administration.

“The concept of autonomous state requires a trustworthy state which in the case of Assam is no longer true. The only viable solution to the protracted problem of unrest in the two hill states is the creation of a separate hill state, comprising the two districts and restore political and administrative parity with the people of Meghalaya and Mizoram. The Assam government is trying to project our movement as a mere law and order problem. The hills will not cool down until we achieve our goal. They are trying to suppress us by might, and the AFSA is still in force since 1991. We are prepared to continue our struggle for statehood so nothing can stop us except the people of our land” Alwin Teron ideologue and HSDP adviser declared at the rally.

Congress Misrule Brought Shame On Hill States

“During the last 12 years of congress misrule, led by incumbent MP Biren Sing Engti, and Khorsing Engti we have gained historic shame, incompetency and life threatening blunders – five bloody ethnic clashes, killing of thousands of innocent villagers, permanent dysfunctional government offices and two colossal betrayals on the matter of accords with UPDS and DHD factions, land policy, lease of bamboo to RH Gandhi are a few to be mentioned. The cancerous culture of open corruption which even lead to the Manisana Sing Commission indicting the present HAD Minister Khorsing Engti. The threat to life and property has become the gravest concern, as the insurgency, armed-gangsters and extortion industry mushroomed and spread more during the last 12 years than any other time in our political history. A sense of hopelessness and injustice is pervasive among our youths due to unemployment and the whimsicality in the appointment of government jobs and settlement of contracts and payments of bills” Jogat Sing Engti, ex MLA of Bokajan and apex leader of HSDP said in his address.

Diphu town was virtually seized by the enormous crowd who, after is was over, had to run from one end to the other looking for their vehicles parked among thousands of others. Food stalls and patty restaurants downed their shutters after running out of stock and even filling stations had to call for police to control mobs of bikers and truckers who joined the rally.

At the time of filing this report, the rally was peaceful and no negative incidents or mishaps were reported.

Sushanta Roy is a journalist in Assam, India, who photographs and writes about the people, animals and flora of Assam, and the things that affect them.