Growing Support for Lokpal Bill to Fight Corruption

How will an anti-corruption agency function if it has to take permission for conducting inquiry from those in power? Moreover, if the anti-corruption agency is only supposed to advise the government but not given any executive power to take action to check corruption, the plight becomes grimmer.

Lokpal Bill proposes to establish a single, autonomous apex body empowered to investigate and prosecute politicians, bureaucrats and judges in a defined time-frame, said noted social activist and Magsaysay Awardee Arvind Kejriwal at the Panchayati Raj Sammelan organized by Lok Rajniti Manch in Lucknow.

Arvind Kejriwal mobilized the audience to send a SMS text using their mobile phones to 9225592255 to vote against corruption. Kejriwal mobilized support in favour of earlier adoption and implementation of Lokpal Bill. Santosh Hedge, Lokayukta of Karnataka, and Prashant Bhushan, Supreme Court lawyer, have drafted this Lokpal Bill.

Arvind Kejriwal strongly supported the fight against corruption. But how will one fight corruption against those in power, particularly if the ones in power are controlling the agencies to check corruption, said Kejriwal.

We are not the agents to implement government policies, said Kejriwal, who is a former Income Tax official. Even if we implement all government policies honestly, not much change will happen in people’s lives, asserted Kejriwal. For example, despite implementing existing government’s policies honestly, poverty, unemployment and other issues plaguing people’s lives on daily basis are least likely to be effectively addressed, said Kejriwal.

The ‘Gram Sabhas’ has realized their inherent power. The desired change will not come in effect, said Kejriwal. The elected representatives of the Panchayat have to make a conscious decision whether they want to become a tout of the government or be in service of the people, said Kejriwal. (CNS)