What is Happening With Our World Today?

Recently we have seen many disasters in succession. We have seen manmade disasters in the form of devastating wars and armed conflicts. We have seen natural calamities in the form of hurricanes, landslides, earthquakes, and tsunamis. These tragedies have taken the lives of millions and displaced hundreds of millions.

A vast number of people continue to suffer unattended in the aftermath of these catastrophic events. In the face of so much global devastation, what can be the future? Now we are talking about flu and other diseases with the potential of becoming pandemic. If not well-prepared with our modern technology, several millions of people will suffer and die.

There are many people looking into to the causes and impacts of these natural disasters. Several experts are of common view that we have so excessively tampered with nature that we have sufficiently warmed the globe. Natural calamities are the unavoidable results.

Many experts say global warming contributed to the magnitude and direction of the hurricanes. It seems logical too, given the increase in the water temperature. The impact of global warming is also evident in the rise of water level in oceans and seas.

Eventually, many islands and other coastal regions will have to be evacuated.

Scientists can predict, for instance, the Maldives islands in the Indian Ocean will entirely cease to exist should the water level raise a mere few feet. When this will happen however, nobody can predict.

The modern science can tell us something about future happenings and expected impacts. Eventhough, science cannot yet predict the exact date, time, and magnitude, we still need to be prepared to save lives.

In the wake of recent world disasters, are we serious about minimizing the impacts by acting on the causes under our control? The answer is often unenthusiastic. We are so reluctant to sacrifice our own comforts. Instead, we want others to do this while we cheer them on.

We see many political pundits, bloggers, actors, comedians’ preachers and teachers who set the good examples. They have great thoughts and many wonderful things to share. Their knowledge and skills are so great that they can inspire us. If they in turn did what they promoted in a sustained manner, just think how they could benefit humanity. if everybody will cooperate.

There is a tendency to preach but not to stick to one’s preaching. Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King lived up to their preachings. They never became examples of “My teachings are for you to follow, but not for me.” Those great, well respected democrats can never be compared with the present day leaders who preach one thing and do another? Hypocrisy!

People around the world know that the cause of global warming can be substantially reduced by using less Freon and gasoline alone. Many people preach this while still consuming an abundance of fuel at home at work and commuting back and forth between the two. They drive gas guzzling SUVs, they use refrigeration beyond need.

Experts say the simple boycotting of personal gas burning transportation would substantially decrease the green house effect. Yet, who is willing to exemplify this “silly” idea? The experts themselves? They are the ones who know the most about the causes and devastating effects of global warming. How about the politicians, pundits, bloggers, comedians and actors who promote environmental responsibility and readiness? What nation is ready to take the great lead? America? India? At least from within these nations came great historical success in the field of boycotting for the good of humanity.