Former Crown Prince Paras Shah’s Earth-Shaking Interview

Paras Shah is a well known figure not just because he has been the Crown Prince of Nepal but also for being an icon of the juveniles who tried to copy his city juvenile’s extravaganza lifestyles.

The Former Crown Prince Paras Shah and his copycats while leading an extravaganza lifestyle had to pay several thousands Rupees on several occasions for breaking the tables, chairs, windows, bottles and glass. Though this sort of behavior is a breach of the law, we, as a human beings cannot make such acts of youngsters parallel to a heinous crime.

Just because Paras Shah belonged to a Royal Family member and the heir apparent to the throne, his mistakes as a juvenile were forced to take a shape of a crime by non other than the conspirators who would have benefited by tarnishing the image of the Institution of Monarchy. The Royal Massacre of June 2001 served the very purpose of the conspirators thus denying then His Royal Highness Paras Shah of having honored with the highest order for saving the lives of a few other Royals. Saving the lives of others is indeed a commendable job no matter whoever hero does that. The then Regent Gyanendra BB Shah Dev and the leader of the government GP Koirala committed a blunder not to recognize the bravery of the then HRH Paras Shah.

Now when the Former Crown Prince Paras Shah made the accounts of the Royal Massacre which he could not put in details during the investigation led by the then House Speaker Tara Nath Rana Bhatt, the present government must find it a good clue to begin its tasks. The Former Crown Prince Paras Shah’s interview to the ‘Electric New Paper’ of Singapore could be of great help towards unearthing the details omitted in a hurry.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, during the inauguration of the Narayanhiti Palace Museum vowed digging out the reasons that caused the Royal Massacre. Looks like the Former Crown Prince Paras Shah has found an opportune to clear his name from all the blames some hidden benefactors tried to put on him targeting to a collapse of the Institution of Monarchy because of its supervision of Nepal’s national unity and integrity. There are few more reasons that might have compelled the Former Crown Prince Paras Shah to speak out.

Besides proving innocence, Paras Shah sent a message to the nationals of Nepal, especially to the younger generations upon whom the bright future of Nepal rests. In his message, Paras Shah wants the younger generations to know that he is not bad as projected by some ill-intentioned quarters. Thus, the Former Crown Prince through his message says the younger generations can rely upon him for the role he is seeking to drive Nepal and the nationals of Nepal to a better and brighter future. His political brilliance is clearly visible in words wherein Paras Shah touches the issues of load-shedding problems, insecurity, the lack of petroleum products and the standstill of the development activities.

While revealing his pastime as mingling with the friends and entertaining them with his guitar and searching food in a grocery stores and cooking are the signs of Paras Shah’s level of energy. He is showing his readiness to offer positive energy for the cause of the nation if younger nationals accept.

Forming a political party and the confidence of garnering wide support is a hint that in collaboration with the younger generations he will resurrect the Monarchy by the means of ballots. The leaders of the political parties well know that in a moment Nepali younger nationals will turn to sacrifice everything for the cause of the nation if asked by the surviving descendants of the Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah, the builder of Modern Nepal.

The party leaders seem very certain of a Monarch’s restoration. Hence, the widespread talk of a ‘Baby King’ is something of accepted phenomena. However, given the lost case of Nepal’s politics, with a dashing personality and an intellect to unify Nepalese, to keep Nepal intact and represent Nepal outside of Nepal, it is the Former King Gyanendra has become the only hope for the survival of Nepal as the nation-state by keeping ethnic and religious harmony in Nepal.

In short, the earthshaking interview of the Former Crown Prince Paras Shah among others indicate that the Monarchy will be restored with the help of the younger generations of Nepal by defeating the party leaders which is very likely. Before people begin coming to the streets to join hands with Paras Shah, it is not as bad as some likely losers playing foul game to avoid the Referendum, it has become a necessity to hold the Referendum on Monarchy plus other issues that ultimately make Nepalese people the sovereign in their own homeland. At the same time, the Referendum could be the face-saving to all actors because the people will be responsible for exercising their sovereign and primary rights. Denying to their rights will lead to the real war, the responsibility of which befalls upon the shoulders of this present government and the parties in government and the opposition.

Nepali Nationalists Organization (NNO), New York.

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