Extra large festivity to mark 41st Karbi Youth Festival

Diphu February 6: “Karbi Peoples Hall” the cultural showground just 4 kilometres outside Diphu town is being thoroughly renovated prior to hosting the largest ethnic cultural festival in northeast India.

The 41st Karbi Youth Festival will commence on February 15 in this amphitheatre nestled in a green knoll of almost one hundred acres. “Karbi Peoples Hall” is situated within the general area of Taralangso, Langmirjang and Changmirjang villages. The two gargantuan open air stage sbuilt in the approach of ancient Greek gothic, to open stage, has green natural gallery on all sides of the open stage to perform ethnic dances, and ballet is an added attraction.

The entire cultural location is dotted with statues of legendary Karbi characters, lakes, customary dormitory, tree houses, guest houses, a research centre, model village, precincts, and sports arenas to conducting traditional sports and a large place to accommodat stalls and pavilions for an exhibition.

Karbi Cultural Society, the chief patron of the Karbi Youth Festival is leaving no stone unturned to raise the profile of this year’s youth festival, to make it an exceptional one. After many years, Karbi Cultural Society has embraced large numbers of dignitaries from the ruling party and has vowed to keep culture above political affiliation.

Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council is reaponsible for the financial requirements for renovating the infrastructure of “Karbi Peoples Hall” and all other necessary expenditure for hosting the extravaganza.

Bidya Sing Rongpi, Executive Member of KAAC in charge of Art and Culture is the man shouldering the responsibility of making the mega event a real triumph. At the initiative of Tuli Ram Ronghang, Chief Executive Member of KAAC, an extra-large ethnic food festival will be showcased here where all most all ethnic tribes and other communities foodstuff and recipes, each with their own flavour, taste and tang will get a new dimension.

As well as many invited cultural legends and artists, 30 regional Karbi Cultural units and cultural troops from various colleges and schools of the district will attend. Cultural groups of various tribal communities from Nagaon, Kamrup, Sonitpur, Demoria and Dima Hasao district will compete in various events.

Beside regional Karbi Cultural units, around five thousands artists and musicians will compete in this jumbo youth event. The approximately six million rupee budget cultural show will be opened by Karbi King His Highness Harsing Ronghang and many political and social leaders, government employees, artists and dignitaries, village headmen and traditional clerics, and priests.

His Highness Harsing Ronghang will guide the super enlightening pageant from the “Karbi Peoples Hall.”

Employees serving under the administrative control of KAAC have donated one day’s basic salary to raise funds for the event. “I am requesting each individual irrespective of caste, creed and religion to be a part of the celebration and feel the heartbeat of Assam right from Taralanso,” Chandra Sing Kro, president of Karbi Cultural Society appealed through the media.

Sushanta Roy is a journalist in Assam, India, who photographs and writes about the people, animals and flora of Assam, and the things that affect them.