‘Eid’ Observed Peacefully in Karbi Anglong

Diphu: Banishing all fear and confusion in the trouble torn Karbi Anglong district, Eid was celebrated with due fervor throughout the district.

Thousands of followers of Islam offered prayer in different mosques, however the highest turnout was observed in Diphu main mosque where devotees turned out in large numbers, defying the dictate of the ultra forced strike to offer prayer at the scheduled hour. The surroundings of Diphu main mosque were put under a strict security envelope by the district administration from the morning but the whole situation was spontaneously peaceful in spite of several wild speculations.

“I like to thank everyone who helped in observing the festival peacefully and in congenial manner,” Salim Ahmed, chief of the Congress minority cell said after offering the Eid prayer.

Most shops and business establishments were closed in spite of relaxation in curfew from morning 8.00 PM to 6.00 PM but this failed to dampen the spirit of the aficionados who thronged the hotels and restaurants with friends and family members. Prayer of Eid has been offered in Lahorijan and Bokajan town in Bokajan subdivision, similarly the festival was observed in Bakulia, Dokmoka and other small Townships of the troubled district. No untoward incidents have been reported from any part of the district.

The ‘Joint Action Committee for Autonomous State’ the conglomeration of fifteen students and youth’s organization, has announced that if the government does not respond to their demands in respect to their statehood demands with due seriousness by 15th August, the JACAS will commence a fresh agitation programme, including radical campaigning, to achieve their goal.

The ‘Hills State Democratic Party’ today condemned the police action on the peaceful precision at Diphu yesterday in which many CPI (ML) activists received injury.

“The police could have avoided firing or baton charge; they should apply other methods like arrest or using teargas it is unfortunate the police and the magistrate resorted to brutality,” Robindra Rongpi, general secretary of HSDP in charge of media said. Through a press release, the HSDP media in charge also expressed his concern about the police brutality meted out to the unarmed demonstrators who protested the creation of Talengana ahead of Hills State.

“Killing of Lt Rahul Signar in police firing is a clear violation of human rights, so is the unprovoked baton charge and firing on peaceful demonstration by police yesterday, this was unnecessary and illegal, police could have easily avoided taking this extreme step; the police action is uncalled-for in a civilized and democratic society,” Robindra Rongpi stated.

The state BJP today lashed out at congress for blaming the party for the situation arise in Karbi Anglong cantering the demand for separate state since 31st July.

Criticizing the congress claim in a press conference at Diphu circuit house this evening, Kamakhya Prasad Tasa on behalf of the party said “it is the congresses who lead a section of miscreants in destroying records of its enormous corruption, by grabbing the opportunity of the public uprising against the congress for its continuous betrayal and toying with the sentiment of the tribal people of this place.”

Senior party leader Bijoy Gupta said the congress party has taken a decision about Talengana but the matter will have to go through the parliamentary process. The demonstrative policy of congress is aimed to deplore the small state agenda of BJP. In fact congress does not have any policy for creating small states. He mentioned that Article 244(A) is a constitutional commitment for the people of Karbi Anglong and Dima Haso, his party will seriously view the issue if it is elected to power.

Sushanta Roy is a journalist in Assam, India, who photographs and writes about the people, animals and flora of Assam, and the things that affect them.