Casio Launches World’s First Mercury-Free 3D Projector Series

CASIO India Company Private Limited, a 100% subsidiary of the JPY341.7 Billion consumer electronics giant Casio Computer Co. Japan, today launched the world’s first mercury lamp-free, high-brightness data projectors. Casio has introduced three top models of its projector series – Short Throw, Pro and Standard models.

Speaking at the launch of these projectors stated Mr. M. Naka, Managing Director, Casio India Company, “Our eco- friendly projectors promise to revolutionize the India market with never before features such as projection in a 3 D format as well as converting the projection screen into an electronic blackboard by mouse operations and writing on the projection screen with the optical interactive pointer to name a few.”

Stated Mr. Kulbhushan Seth, Head of Sales and Marketing, Casio India Company, “Protection of the Environment is a major concern today. We at Casio have developed projectors that are environment friendly and use a light source with no mercury lamp to eliminate the release of toxic elements. Speaking further he said, these projectors are targeted to education sector as Casio projectors are compatible with interactive learning where in projectors can be integrated with our mathematics teaching tools furthermore content that can be customized as well based on requirement. With its interactive pointing system makes learning becomes even more interusting”

Further added Mr. Yuji Sasajima, General Manager of Consumer Product Department, Casio Computer Company Ltd, Japan, “Our extensive new line-up features models for virtually every purpose. Today, Casio has set a new standard for projectors that will carry visual communications into the future.”

The new range of projectors includes Standard, Pro Models and Short Throw Models.

Standard Models:

Casios Projec 1

This mercury free Standard model projector series has an ANSI lumen upto 3000 and comes with a host of technological advancements to serve to its wide range of users. One of the unique features is that these projectors are Compatible with 3D contents. The Standard Model is equipped with a DLP 3D projection function, that is, a function that permits projection of 3D content onto a screen. Users can enjoy the high-impact 3D stereoscopic images of this model with separately available 3D Glasses.

The Standard model is also equipped with wireless LAN function with MobiShow compatibility and USB 2.0 host function to access data stored in USB memory. Wireless connection with smart phones and other mobile devices as well as with Windows PCs is also possible.

Casio’s next generation projectors are equipped with AV terminals such as HDMI and S-Video suitable for high quality projection as well as PC input terminals. Audio output and PC control terminals add further to their ability to respond to a wide variety of user requirement.

The price for Standard Series ranges from Rs. 66,995 to Rs. 99,995.

The Pro Models

Pro-Model projector series can achieve brightness up to 3,500 ANSI lumens without a mercury lamp. This enables large screen projection in large conference rooms as well as clear projection of images in brightly lit rooms.

This model has a 10W monaural speaker installed in the projector, which permits powerful sound output without an external speaker. A DLP 3D projection function adds a stereoscopic image projection capability, facilitating highly persuasive presentations with impressive audio and visuals.

The long life semiconductor light source reduces the maintenance requisite dramatically as compared with conventional models that require mercury lamp replacement.

A mouse compatible interactive pointing function supporting writing on the projection screen enables presenters to use the screen just like a whiteboard. A MobiShow compatible wireless LAN function enables wireless communications with PCs and smart phones and a USB 2.0 host function enables users to project presentation material saved in UBS memory with no PC connections.

The Pro series projector provides full PC connectivity. The HDMI terminal facilitates high quality image presentations and a composite terminal supports connection with AV devices.

The price for Pro- Model Series ranges from Rs. 1,19,995 to Rs. 1,34,995.

Short Throw Series The Short Throw series with upto 3000 lumens is equipped with a set of applications, making it ideal for classroom teaching.

The Short Throw model can be equipped with a short-throw lens for projection of 60-inch images at a distance of 80 cm. The shorter projection distance provided by this close-up projection reduces shadows on the screen and eliminates the possible distraction of projector light shining in viewers’ eyes, optimizing user and viewer comfort.

One of the unique features is that the projection screen can be converted into an electronic blackboard by mouse operations and writing on the projection screen with the optical interactive pointer. The ability to project 3D content contributes further to students understanding. Casio 3D Converter software can also be used to convert 2D images into 3 D images.

Short throw model is also equipped with a MobiShow compatible wireless LAN function and USB 2.0 host function which makes it ideal for business use also.

Casio Projector 1

The short throw series has a wide selection of input and output interfaces such as HDMI terminals that support connectivity with PCs, DVD and blu-ray devices. A built-in 10W monaural speaker adds to a powerful audio capability that supports projection without the use of external speakers.

Projection at the maximum brightness is possible in as few as five seconds after the power is turned on, and no cooling down period is required when power is turned off. The short-throw models also offer functions such as manual focus that enables intuitive dial operation and automatic vertical keystone correction that corrects distortions of screen images in the upper 30 degree range, thus optimizing the projector positioning possibilities.

Average lamp-life of new projectors is 20,000 hrs, approx. 10 times higher than conventional mercury projectors. Furthermore Casio projectors comes with 3 years limited warranty.

These projectors are priced from Rs 1,29,995 to Rs 1,34,995.

The new range of projectors is available at select stores across India.

Casio India Company Private Limited: Casio India Co. Pvt. Ltd. (CIC), a 100% subsidiary of Casio Computer Co., Ltd, Japan, is responsible for marketing CASIO products in India manufactured by its parent company. CIC has been operating in India since 1996 and has established the distribution channel as well as the brand for most of its products. Casio Computer Co., Ltd, Japan, the parent company of CIC is engaged into manufacturing and marketing of various consumer products throughout the world.

Casio India’s range of products include sales & marketing of Handheld Calculators, Desktop Calculators, Scientific Calculators, Printing Calculators, Label Printers, Wrist Watches, Digital Clocks, Digital Cameras, ECR (Electronic Cash register) and EMI (Electronic Musical Instrument). The company has also setup service centers across the country to provide after-sales-service at the doorstep. Today Casio is known for its reliable product quality and exemplary innovations and is one of world’s most recognized brands due to its vast product range.

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