ProWal Demands IWC Members Eject Corrupt Countries From Commission

The international whaling-commission (IWC) with 89 countries as members had a conference on the island of Jersey. The agenda included a query by Great Britain into presumed corruption of some members states and how to stop them.

During the past few years, it appears that Japan has been granting countries, mostly third world countries from Africa and the Pacific, “monies for development” so that these countries could join the commission and vote in the interests of Japan.

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Japan is also said to have paid the annual dues for the IWC-membership as well as transport and hotel costs for the members of such countries. On top of this there were daily bonuses paid to each of the delegates around $1.000.00 for pocket money. Japan’s purpose appears to be to render the IWC a toothless paper tiger, which cannot make any decisions, and to undermine the whaling-moratorium for the protection of the whales. It is almost a reality.

Two animal-rights organizations, ProWal (Radolfzell) and Whale-and-Dolphin-Protection-Forum (WDSF/Hagen/Westf.) recently traveled to the British Isles to support the whale protection effort.

Jurgen Ortmuller, Head of WDSF says: Norway, Japan, Iceland and Denmark together with its satellites Greenland and the Faroe Islands have been kicking the whale protection effort for decades and are only interested in financial gain. That has to be stopped, otherwise the IWC, which is acting as a whaling-organization and not a true whale-protection organization, might as well be dissolved.

Japan each year kills more than 1000 whales under the cover of scientific research although nowadays they are sacrificing the whales. The whale meat is then sold in Japanese restaurants and supermarket as a delicacy. Meanwhile the country has accumulated a cache of about 6000 tons of whale meat for which there is no demand. The Faroe Islands are killing more than 1000 pilot whales each year and are doing commercial business with the meat as we can prove.”

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Denmark will have to accept the accusation of corruption being put forward by the two whale-protection organization. The EU state prepared for Greenland as a member of the Danish Empire, applications to the IWC for renewing the hunting of hump-back whales. WDSF and ProWal are reporting this to be a “cover-up for advantageously promoting national interests.”

Andreas Morlok, CEO of ProWal, offered the delegates of the IWC, in plain view of media representatives, bundles of international monies during the IWC conference. Morlok: “Corruption has to be shown off with a symbolic offering in order to publicize this scandal. It is outrageous that a commission, which has international legal rights, is run by 30 corrupt countries and nobody does anything about it. We demanded the IWC members eject these corrupt countries from the IWC so that there will be true measures of protection effected for the whales. It is gratifying that the subject of corruption was also taken up at the conference of the IWC and more transparency was agreed. It may be doubted whether the corruption will be curtailed.”

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