TNC Sets Libya on Path Toward Security and Progress in Post-Qadhafi Era

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today announced that Libyan Transitional National Council (TNC) plans for setting Libya on a path toward security and progress in the post-Qadhafi era.

At the press availability in Istanbul, Ms. Clinton said she was pleased to be back in Turkey. She thanked the Turkish Government for hosting today’s meeting of the Libya Contact Group, which was very productive.

“We accomplished important things in today’s meeting of the Libya Contact Group. We heard from the TNC about its plans for setting Libya on a path toward security and progress in the post-Qadhafi era.” -Ms. Clinton

She pointed out that the TNC gave important assurances regarding its intention to pursue democratic reform that is inclusive geographically and politically, and to uphold Libya’s international obligations and to disburse funds in a transparent manner, to address the humanitarian and other needs of the Libyan people.

“The United States is impressed by the progress the TNC has made in laying the groundwork for a successful transition to a unified democratic Libya which protects the rights of all of its citizens, including women and minority groups.” -Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton highlighted that the assurances the TNC offered today reinforce the U.S. confidence that it is the appropriate interlocutor for the United States in dealing with Libya’s present and addressing Libya’s future. She underscored that the United States will recognize the TNC as the legitimate governing authority for Libya, and it will deal with it on that basis.

“In contrast, the United States views the Qadhafi regime as no longer having legitimate authority in Libya.” -Ms. Clinton

She pointed out that they still have to work through various legal issues, but she expected the step on recognition will enable the TNC to access additional sources of funding.

She said the United States will be consulting with the TNC and international partners in the most effective and appropriate method to resolve the conflict.

“In the meantime, we are pleased that our partners have contributed money to the temporary financial mechanism or they have provided direct financial support to the TNC.” -Ms. Clinton

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