20 Foreigners Killed in Dhaka Cafe Siege

Victims Were Brutally Killed

The overnight Dhaka cafe siege resulted in the death of twenty foreigners where most of them were reportedly from Italy and Japan. The standoff resulted in the death of six hostage-takers and the arrest of one terrorist.

According to BBC report, gunmen raided the Holey Artisan Bakery cafe in Dhaka late on Friday and brutally attacked the diners.

Local media Bangladesh Daily Star newspaper also reported that gunmen tortured anyone who was unable to recite the Koran. The gunmen only provided meals overnight to the Bangladeshi captives.

Accounts of Witnesses

The popular Cafe Holey Artisan Bakery was raided by gunmen Friday night. Around 20 people, some of them foreigners, were inside the cafe when the siege happened. Witnesses of the incident recalled the terrifying siege.

One of the witnesses named Fayad Munaim said he heard heavy gunfire that lasted about 10 minutes then stopped.

Cafe worker Sumon Reza who escaped from the siege said six to eight gunmen raided the cafe and took those inside hostage. About 20 people were in the restaurant when the terrorists entered.

CNN reported that office worker Ataur Rahman said he was near the cafe when he heard a deafening series of gunshots and people were running for cover and safety. He said he heard terrorists shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

Bangladeshi troops responded to the Dhaka cafe siege.
Bangladeshi troops responded to the Dhaka siege.

Who Claims Responsibility For the Attack?

The Islamic State (ISIS) were allegedly the perpetrators of the attack. However, the Bangladeshi government denied any reports of an ISIS presence in the South Asian country. Some say the attacks may have been launched by local extremist groups.

The US State Department is trying to verify the ISIS claims of the siege in Dhaka. Spokesman John Kirby said the State Department is assessing information.

Friday’s terror attack comes as the holy month of Ramadan is about to end.

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