US Reveals Diplomacy ‘Successes’ in Afghanistan

Diplomacy makes a difference

Saying that indeed US diplomacy has brought successes in Afghanistan, the United States of America revealed the list of momentous achievements in the Muslim country.

In his remarks in Washington DC, US Representative Dan Feldman highlighted that Afghanistan is simply not the country it was when the Taliban ruled. He said it especially cannot be be denied that Afghanistan has made significant success in education, the role of women and girls, health, press freedom, infrastructure and GDP growth.

Political stability made possible

Many thought political stability was a remote possibility. However, with the mediations of the United States, a political agreement between now-President Ghani and now-CEO Abdullah to form a unity government was initiated that led to the first democratic transition of power in Afghanistan’s history.

Mr. Feldman pointed out that President Ghani’s government has made progress in a range of key areas over the past year, from appointments and anti-corruption initiatives to the recent establishment of the Special Electoral Reform Commission.

However, there is something important for Afghanistan to consider and that government must engage more comprehensively with the “full range” of Afghan stakeholders – the Parliament, civil society, opinion leaders, domestic media, and ultimately the Afghan people.

In The Fight Against Taliban

Amid the ongoing security challenges in Afghanistan, the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) have retaken lost territory from the clutches of the Taliban.

With this achievement, the ANSF proved they are ready for the lead security responsibility transferred from NATO last year.

“We will continue to support the ANSF as it builds the skills and resources it needs to match its undoubted courage and commitment.” -Mr. Feldman

Amid the security challenges, the US is determined to ensure Afghanistan does not once again become a safe haven for terrorists who can threaten international security, Mr. Feldman said.

Diplomacy Crucial to Successes in Afghanistan

According to Mr. Feldman, diplomacy has helped to bring the significant developments in the region.

Mr. Feldman highlighted that it was diplomacy that facilitated and nurtured the Afghan effort to create a government of national unity.

Because of diplomacy, the US-Afghan bilateral relationship with Pakistan is on a firmer footing now than at any point during the Obama Administration.

United States President Barack Obama with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri alMaliki.

In addition, diplomacy has opened an historic opportunity for Afghanistan and Pakistan to work together toward a common interest in peace.

Finally, it can only be through sustained diplomacy with the international community and especially the countries of the region that the opportunity for success in Afghanistan will be preserved.

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