US Condemns the Siege in Syria’s Mouadimiya Town

Many Civilians Still Suffering The Ongoing Siege

As turmoil continue to engulf Syria, the United States of America today expressed condemnation on Syrian regime’s continued siege of Ghouta and other Damascus suburbs, especially the town of Mouadimiya.

In a press statement in Washington DC, Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki calls on Syria regime to halt the astrocities and allow unhindered humanitarian access to these Syrian towns.

She notes that the siege has led to unprecedented reports of children dying of malnutrition-related causes in areas that are only a few miles from Bashar al-Assad’s palace in Damascus.

04 October 2011


Many Civilians Trapped, Remain Under Siege

According to Ms. Psaki, the Syrian regime has reportedly allowed a limited number of civilians to evacuate from these areas.

However, she notes that there is no substitute for allowing desperately needed food, water, and medicine to reach the thousands of trapped civilians who remain under siege.

Ms. Psaki reports that the people of Mouadimiya have been without basic necessities for nearly a year. She says the regime’s prevention of the delivery of lifesaving humanitarian supplies to thousands of civilians is unconscionable.

“We call on the Syrian regime to immediately approve relief convoys into these areas.” – Ms. Psaki

Za’atri camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan.

US Warns “No Repeat of Massacres” in Syria

Ms. Psaki warns Assad’s regime to not repeat the massacres of Houla, Banyas, and Baida and to not use limited evacuations of civilians as an excuse to attack those residents who remain behind.

She underlines that those who are responsible for atrocities in the Damascus suburbs and across Syria must be identified and held accountable.

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Brutal Massacre in Syria

In May this year, 90 civilians were killed near Homs in Syria.

Reports say the civilian casualties include 32 children. Hundreds more are reportedly wounded.

The violence took place in and around the town of Houla, near Homs, after an anti-government protest.

Since the protests began on 26th January this year, the Assad regime’s violent response has lead to the death of more than 9,000 people. Many more have been injured, and thousands of protesters have been detained.

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