Is US Government Trying to Replace God?

We struggle with the simple solutions to our nation’s problems but our government just ignores the facts. They believe they are the only ones who can save this nation because of their giant egos.

They indeed are ruining this nation because they are for the most part corrupt people. Oh there are few in Washington who are honest and God fearing people but they are a minority.

Harry Reid claims to be a good Christian Mormon but votes for birth abortions, which is anti to the religion he claims to uphold and be a good member. He is also in favor of same sex Marriages which is also contrary to his religious beliefs if he claims to have.

Any government official who claims to be a Christian and talks out of two mouths should not be trusted. This applies to every politician, bar none.

The religions of this nation, damn this and damn that about our government but forget this nation was established by and through the will of God the Father. What they should be asking is how to help their people to repent, change and find peace and the mercy of God in their lives.

The United States of America are full of Hippocrates, not just democrats or republicans but old fashioned Hippocrates who say one thing and do something else. They say they are Christians but their agenda’s tells a different story

If government believes that this nation was not a blessing from God then this nation is doomed for a terrible fall. If we as a people don’t come to our senses and understand God has all power and can and will solve our dilemmas, if we just repent, then we surely will deserve what waits ahead.

We see tempest, tornadoes, hurricanes, terrible lightening and fierce winds that sweep across the plains and rains causing flooding but we just don’t seem to get it. The laws of God are irrevocable and we cannot nor will we receive his blessings when we break his commandments and ignore His will.

The government is a reflection of the majority of the people who live in this nation. It is corrupt and this nation and its people for the most part are corrupt. Why do we expect a government to be perfect when we are not good enough to have honest and level headed politicians, nor do we know how to elect honest God fearing men and women to represent us in government.

When we obey not God and his commandments we too are misguided as other nations and will falter and pass away. We allow same sex marriages and expect it to be okay with God.

Pornography, Homosexuality, adultery, fornications, and other deviant sexual activities seem to be okay with us and our government, do we think God approves?

Our government is trying to replace God, as it passes laws to condone these terrible acts, and says it’s legal, but surely a terrible penalty is awaiting this nation. How can a Nation who claims to be “One Nation under God” uphold this and other terrible acts of disobedience? We in this nation so blessed will learn to live without and suffer the pains and anguish of poverty and hunger.

There is only one way this nation will return to its Christian values and uphold the principles of Christianity as part of the constitution. If the people return to the values ascribed in the Holy Testaments and Scriptures maybe we will have a chance…

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.