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Robert D. Ashford
Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what's next.

The Past and the Future

George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four illustrates the secret of power. Control thinking about the past and who controls the present controls the future.

The Purpose of Freedom

Prejudice is a disease of the heart and mind, trumping the purpose of freedom, creating monsters not people. We see overpowering disrespect for law and order.
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Is Our Society Losing The Ability to Administer Self Discipline?

Discipline is not just to say yes sir or no sir but to be in control of every aspect of your life to become the best person you can become.

Time is Precious, Like Gold

What we do with a day is our challenge. What we don't do with a day is also our challenge. Time is always constant and we seem to be the purpose for time.

A Test for our Resolve: Will Greed Overcome Reason?

Socrates was bold in his own defense by telling the Athens political leaders that truth is the first step toward wisdom, the discovery of our own ignorance.
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Four Powerful Traits Distorting Purpose of Life

These four traits dominate our society and leave us far from where we should stand... The way we think act and live shows how far we are off the true path of life.
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God as Master of Cosmos and Religion

The earth, our world was not created in 6 days of man's time. If anyone can figure who's or what time measurement was used to create this planet by our creator it would certainly shed light on our understanding of time.
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Living a Life With a Purpose

The treasures of life are not the riches and wealth of the world. When we know our purpose we find the way to happiness and the meaning to life.
peace begins with oneself

Peace Begins With Oneself

Today on this earth war rages and acts of violence are repeated over and over again throughout the cities and neighborhoods of the world.
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Could This Be The Plan to Divide and Conquer?

The first step is as old as time and sets out to silicify the weak and unfortunate people and addict them to governments hand outs (the dole) to gain power over them and to enslave them to a system of continual dependency.
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Recorded History Documented In Different Ways

Robert D. Ashford tells an old story about a documented event that happened a long time ago. The document, a drawing, carries a message, even today.

Political Correctness Dominating American Lives

It is our social need for political correctness, which dominates our lives and tells us what is right and what is wrong.

Is US Afraid of Free Enterprise System?

They are afraid of the Free Enterprise system used and refined in this wonderful Nation. Free enterprise works because it is done by regular folks who want to be successful and happy.

God Gives Man Freewill to Choose Good Over Evil

The idea that God created some men to be good and others to be evil is a false concept. This would then be predestination simply meaning, by nature there would be nothing praise worthy in virtue (doing good) and evil (bad)
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Americans Starting to Forget The Fundametals of Liberty

If we don't respect our freedoms if we don't live with respect of others and the rules of stability of guide a civil people then we have and will continue to degrade our nation's integrity into a state of shame.

Government’s Indifference to Agency

They believe it is not geared with God as the source of correct principles. So they promote abortion, same sex marriage, homosexuality, and limits the rights of freedom with a heavy hand.
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Good Decisions Make a Free Society

I have listened to people say in our free society, whatever they do with their lives, if it's bad it hurts only them, so why should people care what they do. This basic fact exists, no one can do anything good or bad that doesn't affect others

Mercy vs. Justice

If there was no law then their must not be agency for man to choose. We would either be worse than animals or we would live in a world of fear because without agency we would live by a tyrant's rule.
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God’s Laws Govern Our Universe

Everything in this universe functions under law and remains secure until its time expires and like man it moves elsewhere. Most laws in any government or in a kingdom are based upon the laws set forth with and under Gods laws.

Work Hard Or Work Smart?

When we realize some are more intelligent than others and are born into better conditions is when we override the standards of Freedom and declare socialism is the answer to survival.