Time is Precious, Like Gold

The longer we live the quicker time seems to pass. When we were in our youth time, was our enemy. We just couldn’t wait for the day when we became twenty-one.

When we grew older time, was in a hurried state and the days slipped by before our eyes and before we noticed, time became our friend and realized we would, or must lose the battle and we look forward to slipping into a deep sleep…

Every person must come to the understanding how time can be our enemy or our friend.

What we do with a day is our challenge. What we don’t do with a day is also our challenge. Time is always constant and we seem to be the purpose for time. We can only control what we do or don’t do in a day.

A World Of Constant Change

We cannot deny we live in a world of constant change; it may seem like a great mystery to be in a world of constant evil…

Yet we as people seem to always remain the same, but the fact is we see everything around us every day; the most oblivious and undeniable fact of life is that each individual in their time and place, plays many roles to their surroundings, we adapt to change but we also in some strange way remain the same person.

Truth will never change.

We are attached to the threads of truth, we seek truth and when we find truth, even a small particle we seem to latch onto it and won’t let go … We realize change is a constant factor in our lives.

Time changes everything as we grow older. We see and hear and understand more but we still remain in wonder of the beautiful world around us.

Do we see more to life than really exists? No, we embrace the knowledge that there is more than we know and we look forward to obtaining the fullness of life and obtaining all truth.

Truth is like a feather in the breeze, hard to catch.

Believers and Non-Believers

Oh there are those who are pessimists who believe little about eternity or in God. Past civilizations have left their beliefs of eternity behind them and their testimonies are ignored by non-believers. The Egyptians for thousands of years practiced and believed in eternal life.

The Jews and the tribes of Israel believed in God and the eternities. Even the Romans practiced a belief in a higher order in all things. It was the Romans under Constantine who adapted religion to their way of life. Christians of this day and time believe and practice their faith in God.

Many of the mysteries of yesterday are still unsolved but the problems of today may never be answered. Every generation uncovers new problems and brings to the service questions that are not solved today but maybe tomorrow. Man fears what he can’t control and time, like Mother Nature, cannot be controlled.

One Day At A Time

When we learn to live every day as if it might be our last, maybe we would be more satisfied with our lives and our progress. So man seeks and strives to find the answers but we continue to fall short.

We ask ourselves, is life worth our struggles? What happens after death? Where do we go when this life is over? Science does not have the answers to these questions. These answers lay in the unopened wonders of heaven that can only be opened with man’s faith, one day at a time.

Robert D. Ashford
Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what's next.