Thai Vegan Cuisine Becoming ‘Trendy’ in Santa Monica

Thai Vegan Cuisine – A Popular Dining Spot In Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a community in Southern California that has an eclectic set of people, restaurants and the famous Venice Walk. One of the dining spots there is Thai Vegan. Ratree Boon, the owner and her manager Pat Wong invited me, along with Alex Ayzin, a business broker and Dennis Matthews, an internet entrepreneur, to enjoy the natural aspects of Vegan cuisine. While we were there sitting at the famous spot, I noticed all the people coming into the take-out area to pick up their orders. It was truly a sight to behold. Since I’m a people watcher, it was like watching a movie.

The first order we enjoyed was the traditional Thai Ice Tea, with fresh vegetable rolls, which consist of romaine lettuce, cucumber, carrots, and tofu wrapped in rice paper. There is a side of peanut sauce that adds to this healthy appetizer.

Our main entrees consisted of Pad Thai, prepared with pan fried rice noodle, tofu, beansprouts, green onion, ground peanuts, garlic, pepper, tomato paste and tamarind sauce.

The second entree, the Green Tofu Vegetable Curry was my favorite. This dish consisted of a spicy green curry paste, with coconut milk, tofu, eggplant, green beans, kabocha squash, broccoli, bell pepper and basil.

Although Thai Vegan is not the place where you might celebrate an anniversary, it is a sit down restaurant that serves vegan cuisine relatively fast. One must remember that when preparing cuisine from scratch, it takes some time, especially when it’s prepared fresh and cooked on the stove and not heated up in the microwave.

Our culinary journey ended with Sweet rice with Mango.

Thai Vegan is located at 2400 Min Street, Santa Monica, California. For take out orders call (310} 5811-425 or visit Their hours of operation are from 11 am until Midnight Monday – Sunday.

Celebrity Scene News awards Thai Vegan three stars.

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