God as Master of Cosmos and Religion

We are slowly beginning to understand our cosmos, that place where we stand among the many galaxies in the many solar systems. The heavens are full of planets and we are not alone. Science sees the world or earth much older than the basic Christian believe.

The Bible tells only part of the story about the creation and those who read the bible and believe it to be true and not a fictional book must come to the realization that all truth is not contained in the Bible…

Our planet earth is much older than the believers in the bible understand. Not just 6000 years old but much older than that. Much went on before Adam and Eve inhabited the Garden of Eden. Our lives on earth are much different than those who lived on the earth prior to AD.

Time is the key to the knowledge of the creation and to the story about Adam and Eve. The idea our world was created in six days does not compute with science because they see the earth much older than a few thousand years as calculated in the religious traditional belief.

Once we find truth we cannot deny it but we must not throw aware our religious beliefs about the Bible or Adam and Eve. It is our responsibility to understand that truth contains laws that govern life and we must live by those laws and accept them.

Our galaxy operates under laws as does our solar system.

God’s laws apply to the universe and he is indeed the creator of the heavens and the earth. We are not his only creations nor are we his only children.

The Cosmos has the answers to our deepest questions. Life is but a fleeting moment and we appear and then we are gone. Like the stars they come and go but there are always stars that shine. Much like the stars, we too come and go, but life continues.

Truth is not what our ancient religious fathers of Christianity have captured in the Bible. They left much out of the Bible that was written but they who transposed the ancient writings saw it as fictional stories according to their personal needs or desires. The Lord wants man to obtain truth or he wouldn’t have told him to “Know the truth and the truth will make you free.”

The earth, our world was not created in 6 days of man’s time. If anyone can figure what time measurement was used to create this planet by our creator it would certainly shed light on our understanding of time. I’m sure time as we know time is not the measurement used to create this beautiful earth.

It is believed that our solar system is 4 to 5.6 billion years old and the earth is within this same time frame. Our galaxy is much older and the universe is still much older. Sunken cities, destroyed building and older bones and skulls are being found on a regular basis.

These remains tell us man was on earth 8 to 11 thousand years ago and this was before Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden… We also know of fossils dating back into very primitive times.

I do not believe in Darwin’s theory nor do I ignore evolution. There is a process of evolution because everything evolves to its greatest potential. Man is not a product of Darwin’s theory; we do not come from monkeys or apes… God is the creator of man as we know him today as modern man.

The glory of God is intelligence. Well let us give him (God) more credit than we give Donald Trump. If Mr. Trump were to build a large apartment house and then begin to rent it out and in time he had rented every apartment. Again time passes and people move and leave and life goes on but would he quit renting the apartments and tear it down because his renters are leaving or are gone?

Why would God create a beautiful earth and use it just once? We do not know the purposes of God and we must never ignore science because he is the Master of Science. Remember he is the creator of all things that are good.

I find no conflict between religion and science. We just don’t know everything but God does and it appears he works with the principals of science and he is a greater intelligence than we can imagine. In time we will know how, when, and the mysteries of the cosmos.

Don’t let anything destroy your belief in God. In this, the season of love, remember He the Son of God was born to give his life for each and every person who will live and believe in his gospel.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Robert D. Ashford
Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what's next.