UN Support Mission in Libya to Develop a Close Relationship With New Leaders

The General Assembly today approved the Transitional National Council’s credentials to represent Libya.

At a Security Council meeting on the situation in Libya, U.S. Permanent Representative Ambassador Susan E. Rice today said through Resolution 2009, the Council has unanimously affirmed its willingness to support the Libyan people in their efforts to restore order and bring about democracy.

“In this resolution, we all stand witness to the birth of a new Libya. This resolution responds directly to the requests from the Transitional National Council for international assistance during this period of change.” -Ms. Rice

Ms. Rice stated that the United States encourages the United Nations, including through its newly-established UN Support Mission in Libya, to develop a close and collaborative relationship with Libya’s new leaders.

“We look forward to the naming of a Special Representative of the Secretary General to lead the new mission, and we are encouraged by the Secretary-General’s determination to get UN personnel on the ground as soon as possible.” -Ms. Rice

The United States looked forward to continued close cooperation with post-conflict coordinator Ian Martin as he works with the TNC on transition issues in the days ahead.

“The United States particularly welcomes the Council’s decision to scale back and modify the sanctions the Council imposed on Libya seven months ago in response to Qadhafi’s violence against his people.” -Ms. Rice

She stressed that the Libyan authorities will be able to reenergize the Libyan economy while some measures are kept in place to ensure that previously-frozen funds are released in a transparent and responsible way-as the situation normalizes and the transition proceeds-and are released in the interest of the people of Libya.

“As Libya begins this new era, the United States offers our very best wishes to the Libyan people, who suffered for many years under one of the world’s most brutal dictatorships. We stand fully ready to assist Libya’s citizens in building a new society based on democracy, pluralism and the rule of law.” -Ms. Rice

Mina Fabulous
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