Syria – More Chlorine Gas Dropped in Idlib

March 24th, 2015 – The Assad regime demonstrated once again their total disregard for UN Security Council Resolution 2209 (2015) passed on March 9th of this year. It stated, “Condemning the Use of Chlorine Gas as Weapon in Syria.”

Resolution 2209 determined if there was a violation, “Chapter VII” of the United Nations Charter could be implemented, including “allowing States to use all possible means, including economic sanctions and military action, to enforce United Nations resolutions.”

To date, no “Chapter VII” military actions have been taken in Syria to enforce United Nations resolutions.

Regime attacks Binnish with Chlorine Gas

The people of Binnish in Idlib Province woke up on March 24th to barrel bombs weaponized with chlorine gas dropping on their town late after many were asleep. They responded to the event and were able to get their injured to the hospital – then almost three hours later the regime was back dropping more.

But that wasn’t all! The Syria Local Coordination Committee reports a timeline of three attacks on Binnish that occurred on March 24th. They posted at 5:22 pm US est events going from newest to oldest.

9m ago Idlib: Binnish: Warplane launched an airstrike on the city

17m ago Idlib: Binnish: Regime forces target the city with poisonous chlorine gas

3h ago Idlib: Binnish: Regime forces target the city with poisonous chlorine gas

PhotoCredit: Syria Revolution

According to my sources on the ground, in Binnish at the time of this writing there are no casualties. There are 30 people wounded including primarily women and children. The youngest injured child is five months old.

Binnish Hit With Chlorine Gas

Qmenas Hit With Chlorine Gas Also

Assad’s vengeance wasn’t only felt in Binnish. At approximately 5 pm US EST the citizens in the Town of Qmenas were also hit by chlorine gas delivered by barrel bomb. Fortunately, at the time of this writing there were no casualties to report.

The Free Syrian Army and its’ affiliates have been making respectable gains against the Assad Regime on many fronts in Syria including Idlib where significant gains have been made throughout the countryside. Additionally, regime checkpoints have been overrun and gains have been made in the City of Idlib.

Reports by Shaam Observer tweeted today, “After simultaneous attacks on all sides; the city is now completely surrounded. No supply lines left.”

The gains that the Free Syrian Army have made are great accomplishments. Now is the time for the US and International Community to make some positive moves to quickly help them with the kind of support that will enable them to maintain their gains, continue their momentum, and most of all protect their citizens.

Protecting citizens is the critical factor as the Assad regime is not going to stop the slaughter of innocents, under any circumstance. UN resolutions do not deter him. He knows that he has Russia and Iran (with all of their affiliates) on the side of the regime. Nothing has demonstrated to the Assad regime, or to his backers that the International Community will do anything to stop them. Unless that changes right now … the killing and destruction will continue as promised by Assad himself. Therefore, the International Community must answer the call from Syrians to implement a no-fly zone immediately.

The Local Coordination Committees of Syria reported the Total Death Toll for 3/24/2015 as 63 (including 6 children and 3 tortured to death). It was just March 16th when US Secretary John Kerry made a statement saying that the US will eventually have to negotiate with Assad. There are plenty of Syrians who wish that Mr. Kerry had never said those words, and now hope he is willing to put his words into action. On March 16th, Mr. Kerry said, “We are looking very closely into this matter [CW attack on 3/16/2015] and considering next steps.”

On March 16th, we reported a previous chlorine gas attack by the Assad regine: Syria – Barrel Bomb Weaponized With Chemicals Dropped In Sarmin

The Syrian people ask, “What are those steps and when will they start?”