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Kimberly Jones is a global nomad with a special interest in the Middle East and North Africa. She grew up in Saudi Arabia and traveled throughout the MENA growing deeply attached to the people and the culture.
Trump speaks about muslim immigration.

Donald Trump: How Has Generalization Hurt The Fabric Of America?

My daughter is taking a High School Spanish class through the K-12 International Academy this summer. One of her journal entry prompts said, "Generalizations...
al Julani interviews with journalist Ahmed Mansour

Jabhat al-Nusra Says They Are Done With Al-Qaeda

Abu Mohammad al-Julani, leader of Jabhat al-Nusra ("JAN" or "Nusra Front"), an al-Qaeda affiliate, announced on July 29th that they parted ways from al-Qaeda....
united states politics 2016 cartoon.

United States Politics in 2016 – Will It Be an Anti-Vote?

I woke up this morning as usual, hoping for a new world order. However, as I began to watch the news my hopes were...

Syrian Children Suffer From Lack Of Healthcare

Sometimes it is difficult for NGOs such as UNICEF, Save the Children and other large agencies to reach special needs children in Syria. Our goal is to help these special needs kids caught in Syria who cannot move because they do not have the means.
Aleppo Kids are still dying

Are The Cards In The House Of Assad Falling?

Kimberly Jones investigates the dangerous quadrangle working in Syria. What motivation do other countries have to help the Assad Regime?
Syria IdlibSweepOutTheRegimeTweet032815.jpg

Syria – The Painful Liberation of Idlib City

Kimberly Jones investigates how the opposition rebels were able to liberate the City of Idlib, as it had been a stronghold of the Assad Regime for more than three years.
Yemen Saudi Arabia Hadi arrives Tweet 3 28 2015 5 38 16 PM

Houthis Run Rampant In Yemen; Arab States Come To the Rescue!

Kimberly Jones examines how Yemen fits into the Middle East turmoil and what Iran's part is in one more disaster that is becoming increasingly visible.

Syria – More Chlorine Gas Dropped in Idlib

Kimberly Jones investigates two new chlorine gas attacks made on small towns in Idlib by the Assad Regime as many were already tucked in bed.

Syria – Has the US Traded Syria For An Iranian Nuclear...

Kimberly Jones investigates how the Iran Nuclear Deal has impacted the Syrian perspective, as well as, the US allies in the Middle East. The US appears to be walking on thin ice!

Syria – Barrel Bomb Weaponized With Chemicals Dropped In Sarmin

Kimberly Jones investigates the horrible dropping of a weaponized barrel bomb with chlorine gas by the Assad regime, in direct violation of UN Resolution 2209
Syria Displaced MSF Tweet01

Helter Skelter in Syria – Assad Violations Are Everywhere

The US wants to negotiate with Assad, a vicious dictator as bad as ISIS, who supports burning people alive after rape and torture, including pregnant women and children.
Old Aleppo

Syria – The Last Stand Of The Righteous!

Kimberly Jones investigates the protracted war in Aleppo and the horrific toll it has taken on the people. The Syrian Revolutionary Army may make its last stand against evil in Aleppo.
Douma Exterminated

Assad: The Hidden Agenda Behind The Carnage

Kimberly Jones investigates the hidden agenda behind the carnage in Syria, in which Bashar al-Assad is backed by Iran and the foreign fighters they brought in.
assad narcissist

Syrians Are Being Violated, US Says Syria Not In Their ‘Strategy’

Kimberly Jones explores the horrible violations that are being perpetration on to Syrians by the Assad regime, ISIS, and other violators of Syria.
isis gets plucked

ISIS – The Bigger They Get, The Harder They Fall Or...

The US thinks it has ISIS on the run, but it is too soon to tell, and Syrians say they don't understand what the U.S. is doing. Imams are fighting ISIS with Fatwas, slowing recruiting.
obama smiles while kids die

Syria – A Nightmare Playing Now

The US thinks it has done a great job in Iraq, yet it has no clue that, with the Islamic State pulling back, they will retreat to Syria, Libya and Yemen.
isis fires at kobani.png

Syria: President Obama’s Big Conundrum

Kimberly Jones evaluates the current state of ISIS in Syria, and how the impact of President Obama's ISIS and Syria policies are affecting the people.
El Ghouta InMemoryOfAugust21

Open Letter To Senator Buck McKeon, Chairman Armed Services Committee

Analyst Kimberly Jones writes an Open Letter To Senator Buck McKeon, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, providing a perspective on Syria.

The Palestinian-Israeli Dilemma

Kimberly Jones explores the painful Palestinian - Israeli dilemma. Resolution is the only solution to this intractable problem.
urban warfare in syria

Countdown From ISIS to IS-Less – Obama Says We Underestimated Strength

The US Administration did not foresee the spectacular rise of ISIS - speed, cohesion, ability to attract new recruits. Missed opportunities due to clouded foresight could allow ISIS to further their vision while the coalition mission will be grounded