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Kimberly Jones is a global nomad with a special interest in the Middle East and North Africa. She grew up in Saudi Arabia and traveled throughout the MENA growing deeply attached to the people and the culture.

ISIS Moves US Arms to Syria

Countdown From IS to IS-LESS: We are At War

Boots on the ground or not, we are at war with ISIS in Iraq and moving slowly towards it in Syria. The US has let down the Syrian Freedom Fighters. Will it continue?

Countdown From IS to IS-Less: Obama Administration Misses The Point

The new US strategy on ISIS in Syria and Iraq makes little sense because the State Department does not understand what is going on, and their strategy will fail.
Syrian Commanders Ahrar al Sham

Assassination of Ahrar al-Sham Military Leadership In Syria

Kimberly Jones investigates the assassination of 30 high ranking members of the Ahrar al-Sham military leadership in Syria on August 9th.
ISIS MovesUSArmstoSyriaISIS

Countdown From ISIS to IS-LESS: Keeping It Real!

Kimberly Jones discusses the first look at the coalition forming to CONFRONT, DEGRADE AND DEFEAT the Islamic State. Always keeping it real, she provides solid analysis of the US led plan.

Syria – The Cyclone of Mixed Messages Keeps ISIS Terrorism Thriving

Obama's weak Middle East policy allowed ISIS to metastasize. The west has no idea what they are doing against this very different terrorist group.

US Lacks Responsible Foreign Policy To Deal With ISIS

Kimberly Jones investigates the impact ISIS has had in Syria and how they are now touching so many lives. The US administration doesn't have a clue what it is doing.

Assad – ISIS Collusion: The Human Monster and His Satanic Band

Kimberly Jones investigates how Assad and ISIS have colluded in Syria to make it appear as if they are fighting each other when there may be a very different story.

Why is ISIS Baffling US Intelligence Agencies?

Kimberly Jones investigates the deeper meaning of ISIS and why even the US Intelligence Agencies can't get to know who these guys are.
canadian isis

Islamic Front Leader Calls ISIS Caliphate a Narcissistic Dream

Kimberly Jones investigates the extreme terrorist group ISIS, which is generating jihadi enemies with its ruthless self-serving actions.

ISIS Spawn From Hell – Still Terrorizing Syria!

Without an Iran-friendly PM in Iraq, Iran will have difficulty in Iraq. ISIS helps control the Sunni problem. The international community needs to break this wicked weave.

ISIS Has Moved Back To Iraq, But On Their Own Terms

Kimberly Jones evaluates the how ISIS has changed the discussion on Iraq.

The War Inside The Aleppo Central Prison

Kimberly Jones and @YallaSouria investigate the Aleppo Central Prison siege and what it has meant for the prisoners, including at least 4 women and a child.

Assad – A Dangerous Exterminator In Syria

Kimberly Jones investigates the Assad regime's use of Chlorine and Ammonia gas over the past two months in Syria; and what part Iran has played as the supplier of the chemical weapons.
syrian girl with doll

Syria’s Children Are Targets In Assad’s War – Implement R2P

Kimberly Jones investigates how the Syrian war has impacted the country's children, while international players stand by with their eyes wide shut.

Syria – When Terror Rains It Pours!

Kimberly Jones reports that Syrians in America are upset that nothing is happening to help the people and the US government does not understand that al-Qaeda is training American sleeper cells.

Syria – The Terror Of The Wait

Kimberly Jones explores some of the many weapons of war that the Assad Regime hand looming over the heads of the People of Syria every day just waiting to strike.

Syria – Where Horror Rains!

Kimberly Jones investigates the Assad regimes systematic attacks on Douma (East Ghouta) and Hama.

Syrian War: Are Some Syrians More Vulnerable To A Cycle of...

Kimberly Jones explores how malnutrition affects maternal health and newborn health, and can correlate to Syria.

The Saga of The Thirteen Syrian Nuns and Three Maids

Kimberly Jones and Yella Souriya follow the story of thirteen Greek Orthodox nuns and three maids kidnapped in Syria by the al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra Front
Syria East Ghouta Massacre

Middle East Power Vacuum Left By US Creates A Dangerous Dynamic

US hands off policy in Syria contributed to 140,000 people being killed as Russia stepped in and made sure the Syrian government has weapons to keep the upper hand.