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Kimberly Jones is a global nomad with a special interest in the Middle East and North Africa. She grew up in Saudi Arabia and traveled throughout the MENA growing deeply attached to the people and the culture.

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Syria’s Incorrigible Monster Doesn’t Know When To Quit!

Kimberly Jones says Syrian opposition politicians are being pressured by Assad kidnapping their family members. The US is outraged, but does nothing.
assad blackmails detainees

First, Wiki Leaks, Then Snowden Leaks, Now Assad Leaks

Kimberly Jones explores the cadre of dirty weapons the Assad regime is pulling out of the darkness to attempt to squash the opposition. The opposition says they will not be broken.

Could Saudi Arabia Save Syria From Armageddon?

Kimberly Jones talks about option to arm Syrians since the US and other Western countries continue to be complacent.
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Assad: Homs – A Promise Given … A Promise Broken

Kimberly Jones tells the harrowing story of how UN and Syrian Red Crescent workers delivered humanitarian aid on 2/8/2013 under live shelling and sniper fire.
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Wake Up Call For Syria!

Kimberly Jones talks to Syrian opposition groups and the State Department, to investigate the tactics of the Assad regime used to gain ground and protect the dictatorship.
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Middle East Power Brokering … or … Complete Failure to Get...

Kimberly Jones talks about the Palestinian - Israeli negotiations where tempers spark as both sides get their feelings hurt.

When Religion Becomes an Excuse

Kimberly Jones explores how extremist militants exploit religious ideology to fit their agendas, so religion becomes an excuse for the evil acts they do.
Syria This is the City of Homs Detroyed by The Assad Regime02

Syria: A Man Unfit To Rule

Kimberly Jones reports on the loneliness of the Assad regime as it kills more children, and the death of an Italian Priest at the hands of ISIS
Syria WarCrime Starvation

Syria: Evidence of 11,000 Crimes Against Humanity

Kimberly Jones reports on the arrest, torture and murder of men, women and children in Syria, by the Assad regime and al-Qaeda, known as Daash. Graphic photos
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Will Iran Be At The Geneva-2 Negotiation Table?

Kimberly Jones notes that the US Department of State is concerned that Iran, invited to the Geneva-2 conference on Syria by the UN, dies not support the Geneva communique.
Syria Where Death And Suffering Is The Norm

Syria: Massacre Survivors Brief United Nations

Kimberly Jones reports on the UN meeting where survivors of UN documented massacres reported their experience, and Syrian Opposition agrees to attend Geneva2
Syria Starvation Then and Now

Syria: Looking towards Geneva2 – The Pre-Game Show

Kimberly Jones puts the John Kerry - Sergei Lavrov discussion into perspective by linking various elements to reality.

Syria: The al-Qaeda Element?

Kimberly Jones looks at the power vacuum in the middle east, the actions of dictators dispensing tyranny and the effect this has on the conflict in Syria
Syria ISIS

Free Syrian Army Fights Two Fronts

Kimberly Jones reports on the latest in Syria, interviewing a local activist and reporting on the Islamic and al-Qaeda groups operating within the state.
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Saudi Royal Princes Don’t Have Affluenza

Kimberly Jones investigates the equal application of sharia law in Saudi Arabia. Princes are not above the law and may even receive the death penalty.
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Syria 1000 Days – The Hierarchy of Horribles

From the destruction of unique sites to the deaths of men, women and children, the current Syrian conflict has been raging for more than 1000 days.

Russia Bullies UN Into Capitulation Again – Syrians Continue To Be...

Assad is not afraid of anything the US, UK or any of the EU countries have to say. He has extracted himself from the Arab League
Syria Abbas Khan has died

What Happened to Dr. Abbas Khan?

After being arrested, Dr. Khan, a British citizen, was held incommunicado for more than a year. Assad was apparently involved in negotiations to free him.
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Does The US Now Negotiate With Killers?

Kimberly Jones reports that Geneva 2 will start late January. This conference is being organized to begin the negotiation of some semblance of peace in Syria.
father sits with his dead sons

Idlib vs The Human Monster

The People of Syria are desperate for help from the International Community. Yet those that can help stand by and watch - doing little to actively help the people from Idlib.