Syrian Children Suffer From Lack Of Healthcare

In the past five years, millions of Syrians have struggled through the revolution. I have met mothers, fathers, doctors, lawyers, and young people dedicated to gaining freedom from Assad. Along the way, they have talked of harrowing stories and people who are suffering with no help in sight.

Primary Medical Care in Syria

Most people in Syria have no access to primary medical care. They are lucky if they can find emergency care when needed. Because of this lack of primary care, many children in Syria are gravely ill and can even die from illnesses that are very treatable. Illnesses such as skin infections and stomach infections are very common. Diseases such as Diabetes usually controlled through a person’s lifetime are out of hand because medicine in not available. Children die from the lack of access to insulin.

Sometimes it is difficult for NGOs such as UNICEF, Save the Children and other large agencies to reach special needs children in Syria. Our goal is to help these special needs kids caught in Syria who cannot move because they do not have the means. As a result, they are unable to resolve a critical health or welfare issue. We will do this one individual at a time, and help as many as children as we can.

It is our hope to be a crisis prevention source until there is another more reliable, long-term solution available for our beneficiaries. To successfully manage our program, we will partner with trusted Syrian Activists who are working with children in Syria.

For instance, Ziad Shikhani from the Latakia area has sought our help. Ziad is a Syrian attorney who turned Activist when the Syrian Revolution began. His organization in Syria, @ru7ama, was established to help Syrian children. Ziad also works with children at the refugee camp in Turkey where his family is registered. He travels between Latakia and Turkey each month.

Two Children in Desperate Need

Ziad currently has two children who are in desperate need for assistance. They are both young and suffering, but lucky to have Ziad. There is no one else who can help at this time with the needs of the children he is helping. Although long-term, we are hopeful there will be services within Syria for these children when there is a political resolution in the country.

Okba has congenital hearing loss


Okba, age 14 suffers from congenital hearing loss.

Solution: Hearing Aid

Cost: $1200.00

100% loss in left ear, 20% in right ear

Although the loss in the left ear cannot be corrected, a hearing aid can correct Okba’s right ear. It is critical in Syria for people to be able to hear, so they can know when the warplanes are flying above, and the helicopters are buzzing overhead. When a bomb is dropped, if someone cannot hear it, they will not know to take cover. They will not hear people calling them or giving them directions. If a building collapses and people are trapped they must be able to hear the “White Helmet” Civil Defense to be rescued. Okba was fitted for a Beltone Boost hearing aid, but there is no money to purchase the medical device that costs $1200 if bought in Turkey.

How to help Okba? Help us raise the $1200 to purchase Okba the hearing aid that he requires. Alternatively, help us find an audiology provider that will supply Okba with the hearing aid he needs and we will find a way to ship it to Turkey so Ziad can deliver it to him in Syria.

Mohammed Has Addison’s Disease

Mohammed, age 12 years old suffers from Addison’s disease

Solution: Provide one year of medication therapy Fludrocortisone Acetate (US name)

Cost: $50/month or $600 purchased in Turkey


Mohammed suffers from acquired Addison’s Disease, which isn’t curable but is treatable. The problem is that there isn’t a way for Mohammed to purchase the medication he needs. Moreover, there is not an agency that his doctor can access to get the drug. It is sad because this drug is not very expensive, but can save Mohammed’s life.

Acquired Addison’s Disease is also called central adrenal insufficiency. Medically speaking, the most common cause of central adrenal insufficiency (Addison disease) is type 1 diabetes mellitus, autoimmune thyroid disease, adrenal failure, or hypoparathyroidism. However, exposure to infections such as tuberculosis, or human immunodeficiency virus [HIV] are also possible causes. Worldwide, the most common cause of adrenal insufficiency (Addison disease) is tuberculosis (TB), with a calculated incidence of this condition caused by TB at approximately 5-6 cases per million persons per year.

With proper treatment and compliance, patients with adrenal insufficiency (Addison disease) can live a normal life span without limitations . However, the prognosis for an untreated patient with adrenal insufficiency (Addison disease) is poor. Some studies have found that those with very high concentrations of cortisol have a worse prognosis and a higher complication rate of secondary sepsis or intestinal perforation.

How to help Mohammed: Our goal is to provide a one year supply of Fludrocortisone Acetate or provide Ziad the funds to purchase the medication in Turkey and deliver it to the doctor treating Mohammed in Syria. The cost is just $600.

Help for Ziad Shikhani and his organization @ru7ama

We will also provide Ziad with $1000 which will help offset the cost of his safe travel between Syria and Turkey so he can continue providing advocacy and care for children in the Latakia area.

Contributions are an investment in these children’s lives. We are not a 501c3. Therefore, contributions are not tax-deductible. Even a $5 investment can make a difference.

If we find we have raised more than our budget for this project, we will identify other children in Syria that need our help! It will not be hard! There are millions of children in Syria displaced and living in poverty, without medical care and suffering from illness, disease or disability due to a terrible war they are innocent.