ISIS Spawn From Hell – Still Terrorizing Syria!

Research credit @Yallasouria

The Islamic State and al-Sham (ISIS) has backfilled into Syria from their recent “rape and pillage” through Iraq. No one really expected ISIS would abandon Syria, as the real estate is a pivotal piece of their plan to create the great “Islamic State.”

Since April 2013, ISIS has been leaving a path of terror across Syria adding a new layer of terror on top of the regime’s methodical destruction of the soul of Syria. They have spread across the Syrian landscape, implementing their own brand of Extremist Jihad.” The people of Syria have suffered horribly under the twisted enforcement of ISIS’ own rules which are designed to intimidate and keep people in line through extreme fear. What must be believed however, is that these monsters are spawn from the same hell that raised the Human Monster Assad!

ISIS is not just another al-Qaeda look-alike, though! These extreme terrorists led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi are “too extreme” for al-Qaeda, and were told to part ways by Emir Ayman al Zawahiri in June, 2014. Since becoming autonomous, the “super extreme terrorist” group has been on a real roll.

According to @YallaSouria, a trusted Syrian Activist, approximately 100 regime soldiers were killed and 340 prisoners were taken by Daesh (ISIS). Daesh now controls the Shaer gas field. The London based Syrian Observatory of Human Rights states that ISIS has killed 270 people during their takeover of the Gas fields, including regime soldiers, employees and civilian security guards. According to Roy Gutman of McClatchy, ISIS now has control of 35% of Syria’s landscape.

As the Syrian Opposition pleaded with the United States and other members of the London 11 for help over the past two years, there has been a consistent replay of disappointing answers from the Obama Administration. The greatest fear of the US and other countries was that lethal weapons would end up in the hands of terrorists.

When a recent decision was finally made to provide some lethal weapons into the hands of Syria’s “Moderate Opposition” through Saudi Arabia, it was helpful, but may have been “too late and a dollar short” to even the playing field.

US Sends Small Number of Advanced Weapons to Syrian Rebels

According to the Wallstreet Journal, “The U.S. and Saudi Arabia have supplied Syrian rebel groups with a small number of advanced American antitank missiles for the first time, in a pilot program that could lead to larger flows of sophisticated weaponry.” Although a peace deal hasn’t been taken off the table, getting arms to the Syrian Opposition seems to be the only way to protect the people of Syria who are left trapped – the people under siege, the internally displaced, the people who are impoverished, the elderly, and the others who have stayed in Syria to fight for this war-torn country. These are truly the people who are on a Jihad to right an injustice.”

Like Assad, ISIS has dug their heels into their positions in Syria. They entered Syria when Assad was on the brink of losing the battle, and they upset the balance back to the Regime. When the Prime Minister of Iraq was about to lose his government, ISIS jumped across the border to cause havoc, which has for the time being saved Maliki’s neck. Nehad Ismail, a Middle East expert, broadcast commentator and journalist had the following to say:

ISIS suddenly emerged in Syria, at a time when the collapse of Assad’s regime seemed imminent. The emergence of ISIS saved the Syrian regime by threatening the world with an alternative terrorist regime which would replace Assad’s.

The same scenario happened in Iraq. Nouri al-Maliki, who is an Iranian puppet as most Iraqis believe, was about to lose his position as Prime Minister, especially when Sunni, Shi’ite and Kurd leaders unanimously refused to renew his term. Suddenly again, ISIS emerged. The ISIS connection with the Syrian leadership, and hence with Iran, raises serious questions. It was recently noted that President Assad released ISIS operatives from his prisons and for the most part left it alone, sparing it from attacks by the Syrian army. Two leading American analysts just wrote in the Washington Post, “The non-jihadist Syrian opposition insists that ISIS is a creation of Iran.”

ISIS has demonstrated their ability to define a vision and then execute it with crushing takeovers in Syria and Iraq. In Iraq, as ISIS moved into town, the Iraqi military moved out. This highly trained extremist group swooped down on Fallujah and Mosul in Iraq, and without a blink took over the towns, implemented their brand of terror, and emptied the towns’ coffers.

Militants Post Graphic Photos of Mass KILLING in IRAQ | breaking news;16/06/14

The “coolest” acquisitions ISIS has picked up in Iraq, besides all the money and gold they have removed from the banks, is US Military vehicles and weapons. Weapons more powerful than the kind the Syrian Opposition ever dreamed of getting from the US when they were asking for help to stop ISIS on Syrian soil.

It is not a mistake that ISIS has gained so much power and now has so much wealth. ISIS has acquired Syria’s wealth without too much of a fight. They moved into Iraq and walked through territory with hardly a bullet fired. How does this happen? This real estate takeover could only be done by a comprehensive and well funded terrorist network.

Hezbollah/Assad/ISIS/Maliki/Iran = Terrorist Network

Without stopping them all, the network will continue efficiently. However, Iran must have control of Iraq and Syria to effectively maneuver by ground to Lebanon to reach Hezbollah territory.

Without Maliki (or another Iran-friendly PM in place in Iraq, Iran will have difficulties in Iraq. ISIS helps control the Sunni problem in Iraq. Likewise, Iran has a strong need to keep Assad in the President’s seat in Syria. This gives them control of Syrian real estate because they have control of Assad.

It is a wicked weave that is woven. The international community needs to break it up.