First, Wiki Leaks, Then Snowden Leaks, Now Assad Leaks

First, there were Wiki Leaks, then came Snowden Leaks – and now there are Assad Leaks.

Two weeks ago, Syrian Activist YallaSouriya provided the video below, which was leaked by a regime soldier, that clearly demonstrates the Regime is colluding with “Loyalists” to take back Aleppo.

Assad Intelligence Brigade meeting with Zahra Shabiha Leaders and Aleppo Security Forces

To view the video with the abridged English translation, see Wake Up Call For Syria

Now For A Gold Standard Leak

If you think that by leak standards this one was pretty good, wait until you read this next one … by leak standard it definitely gets a gold star.

In another Assad leak supplied to NewsBlaze by Yalla Souriya, the source provides explicit underlying details to explain why the Assad Regime so easily entered into a “Truce in Damascus” this week, when areas such as Homs continue to be besieged and subjected to mortar fire. However, as you read the leaked letter from “the Security Branch Chiefs to the Crisis Management Cells,” the manipulation is quickly apparent.

The letter gives recommendations that indicate they are implementing yet another “dirty tactic,” to their repertoire; it is “Truce and Destroy.”

In a leaked letter the “following recommendations” state that in “those neighborhoods of Damascus, where it is difficult for the army to storm the neighborhoods and for the southern areas of the countryside; a truce will be given and the military is to respect the truth and leave the Security Branches in charge of working in these areas.”

During this truce, it will enable the regime to “retreat military forces and send them to other difficult fronts such as Al Qalamon and East Al Ghouta with concern. Also, during the truce Security Forces will be assigned with:

  • Gathering the names of FSA commanders, and other critical elements, including where they live
  • Gathering logistic information on spots where the FSA stayed inside those neighborhoods
  • Planting spy cells within those elements through indigenous to these areas who will collaborate with the security branches.
  • Reaching the FSA arms depots
  • Convincing the FSA elements that the regime has respected the truce and they are safe from any indictment

Once this step has been achieved, “all the regime elements will work at liquidating the FSA in Damascus” in order to:

  • Prepare for a full victory against the FSA in this area
  • Finish once and for all with armed groups that represent a danger to the capital
  • Eliminate as much as possible on the FSA elements through arrest or murder, and in case they succeed to escape, all data on them is to be collected
  • Reduce the losses of the regime’s army through the security operation

By moving the FSA away from the center of the capital, this will help ease work of the regime army in areas such as East Al Ghota, and northern and western Rif [meaning regime troops in those areas will not be so strained]

assad blackmails detainees
Assad blackmails detainees to gain money

Syrian activists have reported another dirty tactic that the regime has thought up – “Pay up or Die.” According to the Syrian Coalition, the regime forces have launched a campaign of random arrests of civilians to blackmail them into paying “specific amounts of money to be released.” Activists reported that paying the ransom is the only way to get detainees out of Assad’s prisons or they will face death or forced disappearance. “Assad’s forces specified a sum of money in return for each service they provide; one must pay 100,000 SYP to know the whereabouts of the detainee, and 250,000 SYP to transfer a detainee from the security branches to Terrorism Court where detainees are tortured on a relatively lower scale. One must pay 300,000 SYP for the Terrorism Court judge to acquit the detainee. Activists also said that Assad’s forces target the individuals of the wealthy to request huge sums of money.

Appallingly Illegal …

According to Hurriyet Daily News, Human Rights Watch said,“Syria’s government forces have begun using a powerful type of cluster munition rocket not previously seen in the country’s conflict, Human Rights Watch said in a statement on Feb. 19.” Photos taken after a recent attack in Hama appear to be cluster bombs deployed from cluster munitions that are three times as large as ever seen before in Syria. A photo taken by an activist after a recent attack was shown to an expert who identified the cluster munitions as Russian made.

Steve Goose of Human Rights Watch said, “It is appalling that Syrian government forces are still using banned cluster munitions on their people.” He went on to say, “Cluster bombs are killing Syrian civilians now and threatening Syrians for generations to come. Cluster bombs have been banned by 113 countries around the world.

Human Organs For Sale

syrian regime sells organs
Syrian regime sells organs

FSA intelligence has revealed that there is a “cell” of doctors within the Assad regime who trade in human organs of injured soldiers and the detainees inside the security branches. The FSA pointed out that these doctors are located at Hospital No. 601 in Mezze and headed Dr. Mazen al-Assad assisted by Dr. Adib Mahmoud, Ammar Suleiman and Ahmed Humsiyah.

FSA also noted that “the organs are transported to Russia, Iran and some of them to India. The cell cooperate with Mezze air base, Security Branch No. 215 located in Kafar Souseh in addition to the branches of the Air Force Intelligence. The organs that are illegally harvested are sold for $20,000 USD for the heart, $25,000 for the eyes, and $10,000 for the kidneys. Other body parts that are sold include semen, liquid oil of the joints and muscle fibers.”

UNCHR Reported in Refugees Daily, “an increasing number of Syrians who escaped to Lebanon from their war-torn nation are selling their organs as a last option to raise money. The number of donors, mostly aged 14-30, increased so much that fierce competition has lowered the value of the life-saving organs.” The report went on to say that Lebanese crime syndicates are behind the trade, earning vast sums from donors based among about 1 million Syrian refugees.

Of course, in addition to all the new “horribles” above to add to Assad’s “Hierarchy of Horribles, Yalla Souriya sent me a visual that demonstrates the horrifying impact of the barrel bombs on the Syrian people since Geneva 2 ended on January 28th.

syria barrel bomb stats
Syrian barrel bomb statistics

Regime Bombs School In Dara’a

UNRWA condemns regime’s bombing of a school in Mezerib of Dara’a where 18 school children were killed.

Assad’s negotiating team at the Geneva-2 conference said that the most important effort in Syria should be eradicating terrorists, rather than looking at a transitional governing body. The Syrian Coalition has said they cannot agree more, as Assad is both a supporter of terrorism and a perpetrator of terrorism.

The first step towards valid elections is appointing a transitional governing body who will be able to move Syria in that direction. The Syria National Coalition has made a strong statement of commitment in favor of the transitional governing body. The Assad regime opposes the idea of appointing a transitional governing body. Speaking on behalf of the Assad regime, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the United Nations and Arab League Special Envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, “should not stray towards unilateral accusations and blame only one side for the stalled dialogue.”

US State Department Says

The US State Department had this to say about Syria today:

“It’s a situation that we know isn’t getting better, as the President and the Secretary have said, and we need to continue considering all options to help the situation for the Syrian people. I know it probably won’t surprise anyone that on specific ideas that have been reported or rumored, I’m obviously not going to get into the specifics of internal deliberations inside the U.S. Government. But as we’ve said, we’re constantly looking at what options we can take. One of those, of course, is a Security Council resolution that we are committed to, but there are a range of options that we’re talking about right now. The Secretary has been very engaged in this topic, as have other senior officials. I don’t have any specific meetings to announce for you or participation in them, but as we do and we can share that, we can try to.

Syrians Want A Life Without Assad

The People of Syria want peace. They want a future for their children that is not marked with the hate of Bashar al-Assad. A Syrian man told me today that his wife is pregnant. This would normally be a blessing and joy. He said, “Yes it is a blessing but it is a little sad because of that … Bashar.”

The People of Syria want to be able to live in their own homes safely with no fear of barrel bombs or mortar fire or shabiha coming to their door to kill them. They do not what to fear being starved, kidnapped or tortured. The People of Syria simply want a life without Bashar al-Assad. One where the people can choose their leaders through elections; where they will have the freedom to choose.