Executions Higher in Iran Than Any Other Country in the World

Iran Leads Highest Number of Executions in 2015

As the worldwide number of executions skyrocketed fifty percent in 2015 with 1,634 civilians executed, Iran hit the top spot for the highest number in the year.

Amnesty International, a London-based human rights organization released a report that disclosed the top three countries in the world with the highest number of executions.

So who are in the top three executioners around the world? Iran is in the top spot. At least 977 people were executed in 2015. Pakistan is in second place with 326 people executed in 2015, while Saudi Arabia put 158 people to death.

Worldwide Executions Surging

Amnesty International’s annual report highlights Iran, Pakistan and Saudi as culprits of the staggering rise of death sentences and executions in 2015.

In fact this year’s number is the highest judicial death toll since 1989. Recorded executions were up by 54 percent on 2014’s figure of 1,061. And, some 89 percent of those executions were carried out by Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia alone.

A symbol of justice.
Judicial sentences include execution.

What about China?

China is not exempted from the list. However, data could not be determined, because the state considered it a state secret. Similarly, Vietnam and Belarus follow do the same.

In China, the human rights organization could not verify the number of cases of executions in the communist country. Amnesty International is, however urging China to be transparent and reveal the truth.

Amnesty International blamed Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia for the unprecedented increase of executions and death sentences.

Some of the executions are even more profoundly disturbing as well. Four of the people executed in Iran and at least five in Pakistan were executed for crimes committed when they were minors.

Death sentences and executions are forms of punishment for people who commit murder, corruption, rape, insulting religion, adultery, drug-related offences, kidnapping and apostasy.

The United States was not exempted either, and it executed 28 people.

Executions methods commonly used are hanging, beheading, lethal injection and firing squad.

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