Egyptian People are Sick and Tired of Mubarak

Last Friday millions of Egyptians protested to overthrow Mubarak, the Dictator of Egypt. It started somewhat peaceful with the Security Police allowing protesters to pray. They did start a few buildings and cars on fire, but really no injuries.

The Police backed off and allowed the people to protest with the Military there. On Feb. 2nd , Mubarak let the Security Police dress in plain clothes. Then, they instill violence into this generally peaceful protest that was going on. There are now 600 injured protesters. People are scared and few have died. I have interviewed a few people but there is one person who I want to share. This is an email I got from “Abo.”

“The pro-democratic protestors who want Mubarak to step down have been protesting peacefully. They stay in a square called tahrir square. I was in Cairo on Friday which we called the Friday of anger and the police dealt with us very badly. The military has been neutral but we feel they are facilitating the criminals of Mubarak who are trying now to kill protestors.”

We need a liberal secular government in Egypt that we can actually develop to reach. I insist that they aren’t Muslim brotherhood. They are secular young people. The president must step down immediately. I want the American people to know that in Egypt, we are thinking that Obama is still supporting the dictator Mubarak. Mr. Obama should say it clearly. I’m with the Egyptian people against the dictatorship of Mubarak.

I just want to tell you that I’m watching the CNN now. The news are trying to show that protestors are fundamental people. We we are young secular people who just want democracy. I really want to tell to the American people that Mubarak is a war criminal. Mubarak has criminals and secret police who are trying to kill the young people in tahrir square. Please show this to the whole world. Mubarak is committing a massacre in tahrir square against young people using his secret police and some criminals.”

Elamry wanted to add that, “Today some business men who belong to the national Democratic Party gathered the jobless people. They give them money and food. They took horses and camels by force from their owners who live near pyramids. They asked them to attack anti-government protesters in in tahrir squire using Molotov’s and stones.”

The media wants to tell you that this is an Islamic movement lead by the Muslim BrotherHood. But from the people whom I have had the pleasure to talk, they tell me that these people are that they are sick and tired of Mubarak. They want him overthrown and to have a real Democracy in Egypt. They do not want American interference but instead we want them to support us. These protests started somewhat peaceful but after today who will know what happens.