Egyptian Defense Ministry: ‘It Is Time To Go Back To Normal Life’

The Egyptian defense ministry asked the youth to return home, saying, “It is time to go back to normal life,” as protesters assembled for a ninth day to push the departure of President Hosni Mubarak forward.

The crowd had families with young children in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Wednesday. Some camped out at Tahrir which means “freedom” or “liberation” in Arabic for one week.

Mubarak, on Tuesday, said he wouldn’t run for office again in the elections scheduled for September, but is firm on remaining in the country to finish his term.

“My first responsibility now is to restore the stability and security of the homeland, to achieve a peaceful transition of power in an environment that will protect Egypt and Egyptians and which will allow for the responsibility to be given to whoever the people elect in the forth-coming elections,” Mubarakin in a televised address Tuesday night.

Thousands of protesters exploded in chants of “Down with Mubarak!” and “The people want the president to be judged!” following his announcement.

Some waved shoes in the air, a deep insult in the Arab world. They vowed to continue their demonstrations until Mubarak quits now, not when his term is over.