Spicy Recipe to Ease The Winter Blues

There’s always been something magical about the city you live in. I’ve never got used to it until now. Your icy exterior begins to crack and you start to see the world you live in is seen with a new light.

The odd occasion of flooding which isn’t always on the points of interest list, but does hold a nice conversation piece. It brings people towards you with their own little stories of what happened to them during the first.

I think the winter months is always the worst with its dark nights, dark mornings and long hours of the day with rain or in some areas more snow. I honestly think I will start to begin my new year once spring is showing. I will try to leave the horrible winters behind me. Maybe start hibernating for a few weeks over the new year.

But regardless of location, I do believe that winter affects us all in the same way.

Now to begin with the New Year, happiness is around the corner I like to make this for friends anyone who is willing to eat it. It’s also a great way to use a fajita kit instead of the one described on the box.

I like to make sure that you know one thing about my recipes, I believe in the scales of eyes or the belly! I honestly believe food should remain as filling and depending on peoples budget. Yes, I know organic is very healthy. But if you’re a single parent or have a large family to feed for, your main goal is different and delicious. No one will judge you here. You feel free to choose the cheaper. Cheaper means more, more means happy faces means left over’s, means more delicious food, for lunch next day or a snack for the peckish.

I’d love to call this dish happiness. However,I call it a curry dish as it holds some of the spicy qualities, but not overly spicy.

This is my Simple scrumptious Sausage curry.


1. One pack of sausages good for 8 or 12.

2. Mexican fajita spice mixes. Yes the same ones from Fajita food kits. I’m lucky enough to have a shop that sells them separately. You’ll need both from inside the pack.

3. Two tins of chopped organic tomatoes or basic brand Cream Cheese. I used the Philadelphia, but it’s based on Buyers budget. One onion is more than enough.

First, chop the sausages in to mini segments. Start frying and add the chopped onion. You can roughly chop it in a food processor if you want to avoid crying. Add in the sausages. I used garlic oil. Once the sausages are cooked, turn off heat.

Add the tins of tomatoes. Stir in till sausages are covered. Once done, add the cream cheese (with herbs all the better). Add back to the heat and watch the red turn to a deep orange. Heat until the blob had melted in to a thick sauce.

Add rice or cook some chips (for the kids) or use the left over wraps from the fajita pack to make them into sausage curry fajitas!