Truck Drivers Strike in Iran Will Deepen the Crisis

In modern times, transportation is an important element of the economy, and a collective apparatus used for development in a country. Economic cases have been increasingly associated with the mobility of goods and information. The Iranian government’s mismanagement of the economy is now being protested by another truck drivers strike.

The Road Transport Union covers groups dedicated to serve the interests of drivers in roads, distribution, and logistics. The active union is constantly campaigning, assigning and pushing to seek to ensure members are appropriately compensated for the skilled work they do.

The Iranian Government prevents any independent union establishment for truck drivers and workers.

Day 5 Truck Drivers Strike

See this video of the 5th day of the truckers strike:

The Iranian Government, experiencing extreme pressure due to the expansion of trucker strikers has started arresting many truck drivers in different cities. They also started using state-run trucks as an anti-strike option. So far, 60 truck drivers have been arrested around cities in Iran.

Mullah Montazeri, the Regime’s General Prosecutor openly threatened these truck drivers to death. (Iran’s State-run TV. – Sept. 29, 2019).

Truckers have announced that they will continue their strike until their demands are met.

See this video of the 4th day of the truckers strike:

At the same time, Ali al-Qasimehr, the chief justice of the Fars province, accused the strikers of “corruption on earth.” IRGC Brigadier General Mohammad Sharafi, one of the commanders of State Security Forces, threatened the protesters with harsh action. (State TV – September 29).

The Iranian people support these truckers and heavy truck drivers and urge the Iranian Government respect their requests and to respect their rights.

Iranians inside and outside Iran urge all organizations and the International Labor Bodies and defenders of Truck and Heavy Truck Drivers’ rights to impose the just activity measures on the Iranian Government through the United Nations.

iran truckers on strike.
Iran Truckers on Strike.

NCRI Labor Committee Statement

The Labor Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran drew the attention of all agencies that support drivers and laborers to the immense pressure imposed by the Iranian regime on the drivers and on the Iranian people in general. He urged condemnation of this regime by these agencies, including by the International Labor Organization.

Mr. Abbas Davari, Chair of the NCRI Labor Committee, hailed the striking drivers and called on all transportation syndicates and labor unions, as well as other defenders of labor rights to support the striking drivers in Iran. He demanded the unconditional release of the arrested drivers.

The NCRI Labor Committee urged the Iranian people, especially the youths, to support and to express their solidarity with the hardworking truck drivers and their families.

While the Iranian regime spends billions of dollars of Iranian people’s wealth on its warmongering interventions and export of terrorism to the region and its nuclear and missile programs, the deprived class of Iranian society only reaps poverty, misery, the pillage of their wages, and oppression.

On the seventh day of the strike, oil tanker drivers in Sanandaj gathered in front of Baharan Oil Company. On Sunday, they spread empty tablecloths on the ground in protest of their livelihood. In Ardabil, drivers staged a protest gathering in front of the transportation town. The anti-riot guard and the police lined up against them to prevent them spreading their protest.

In some cities, taxi drivers and other poor strata have gone on strike to support truck drivers.

Previous Truck Strikes

The first round of truckers strikes, in 70 cities across Iran, began in May 2018. After seeing no improvement, a second round of strikes began in July. Truck drivers in the large industrial cities of Tabriz, Shiraz, Kermanshah, Bandar Abbas, and Ahwaz restarted their strike. Then drivers in Tehran joined in.

iran truckers strike.
Iran truckers strike.

Hassan Mahmoudi is a human rights advocate and Social Media journalist seeking democracy for Iran and peace for the region.