Nationwide Strike of Truckers in 70 Cities of Iran

As an ongoing trend continues, activists from across Iran continue to report a wide range of protests throughout Iran. A nationwide strike of truckers was seen in 70 cities across the country.

Since May 22nd, the truck and heavyweight vehicles drivers in 70 cities of Iran, protest against the deterioration of their livelihoods, low rent, high logistic and vehicle installment costs.

According to the resources received from inside of Iran, the strikers announced that they would continue the strike until their demands are met.

Another protest which was violently responded was in Kazeroon, in Fars Province in Iran on May 16th.

The people were rallying in thousands to stop the government’s new plan to split the city in two. They chanted, “Iran supports Gaza but betrays Kazeroon.”

Three of the protesters killed by security forces in Kazerun’s recent protests are scheduled to be buried.

nationwide strike of truckers in iran, may 2018.
Nationwide strike of truckers in Iran, may 2018.

News also indicates around 300 Kazeruni youths have been arrested. Their families, too, have been threatened to not provide any information about their loved ones to anyone, especially not reporters.

It is worth noting that based on the Iranian regime’s own official numbers, the recent Kazerun protests took the lives of four individuals and left numerous others injured.

People of Kazerun, southern Iran, protested a few months ago against one of the Parliament members who presented a bill to divide the city. The people protested after there were no clear responses from the government. These sporadic demonstrations continued and eventually turned violent.

On May 10, dozens of teachers and other education workers gathered in more than 30 cities demanding the Iranian regime to respect the most basic rights of teachers, students and the people of Iran. The academic community in Iran suffer from unemployment, unpaid wages, and inflation.

More than 18 protests have been reported on a daily basis throughout Iran.

Not a day goes by that the Iranian state press does not submit stories of workers and civil servants who are striking or protesting after not being paid for as long as 23 months.