How Compactus Can Help Organize Your Life

Whether you’re working on getting your start up off the ground, or trying to keep your booming business in one piece, Compactus can organize your life.

Compactus mobile shelving units can organize even the unruliest of messes. Their sleek design fits in any office system, from small scale workshops, to warehouse inventories. The system is built to your preferences to keep your life and your business running smooth.

What is Compactus?

Compactus mobile shelving systems are an innovative filing and storing system that have stood through the demands of time. They consist of a network of shelving units that concertina out on demand, saving you space and time. Compactus units are capable of saving up to 50% floor space over traditional shelving and filing units.

Compactus systems can be flawlessly integrated into your existing space, offering you a convenient solution to kiss haphazard storage rooms goodbye. They can keep priceless articles safe from wear and elements, as well as protect sensitive materials from prying eyes. They can be combined into any decorative model to give your space the feel of luxury at little cost.

How do Compactus systems work?

Depending on the styles and features that fit you best, Compactus systems can work in a myriad of ways. They are vertical shelving units that integrate into tracks within flooring systems. For more permanent fixtures, these tracks are laid into preexisting flooring. Temporary units can be purchased, that use a steel based that can be moved on demand and require no need for floor preparation. Vertical shelving units are then fitted with wheels that articulate with the track system.

Compactus units can be moved manually, or via hidden motors in the shelving’s base. For manual systems, hand cranks are installed that allow the user to move the heavy loads with minimal effort. Allowing the user to access exactly which content they need, only when they need it. When an aisle is no longer necessary, the unit can then be collapsed, saving floor space and unnecessary eye sores. These units are ideal for small businesses, archives, or light retail operations.

Electronic units use a one touch button system. This system activates a small motor at the base of the system and moves the units without the need for manpower. These units are not only incredibly easy to use, but they also allow easy access for disabled populations. Most electronic systems are ideal for large capacity and higher load bearing scenarios. Most can hold up to 84 tons of inventory!

Why choose a Compactus system?

Regardless of which system is required to keep your business on track, personalized colors and textures can be applied to give units a pleasing and architectural touch. Compactus units are a fantastic choice for a multitude of storage conundrums. Compactus systems are an ideal for storing:

  • files
  • archives
  • books and folders
  • inventory
  • utensils
  • and so much more

Whatever it is that needs organizing, Compactus systems are an excellent way to save you and your business space and money.

Melissa Thompson
Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn't know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.