Persian Wikipedia Spreading Lies and Censorship in the Guise of “The Truth”

The Persian Wikipedia has been turned into a global encyclopedia of propaganda and lies by the clerical regime’s clandestine operatives.

People all over the world including the deserts of Tibet, the Caribbean, America, Australia, Europe, Alaska, Africa, and the Middle East desperately seek the truth. Unfortunately, dictators like the outrageous religious clerics ruling in Iran seek their political goals and compulsivity by transmitting false and misleading information to others in the guise of truth, using their demonic power and spidery control in the Persian Wikipedia Global Encyclopedia.

A famous proverb says:

One day Liar told Truth let’s go to the sea for swimming.

Truth who was very simple and had a clear heart accepted it.

They reached the sea.

Truth took off his clothes and dived into the water.

Then Liar stole Truth’s beautiful clothes and ran away.

It was in this way that Liar wore Truth’s clothes so no one could realize who he really is.

Therefore, Truth was left alone in the disgraceful world of appeasement with the dictator.

persian wikipedia liar truth
Persian wikipedia, liar truth

The great reality is the eternal existence of truth, and lying is the enemy of truth. The mullahs in Tehran have a common goal and a worldwide reputation in sponsoring services with misleading lies in the name of power and politics.

In today’s world, it has become difficult for we democratic Iranians who are committed to protecting our nation, to defend what the truth is. However, we see this as our responsibility to defend it and defeat the lies that are being said. Just like the allies who defeated Goebbels and Hitler’s Gestapo lies in pursuit of the truths and won the war for freedom and democracy.

Dictatorial regimes, especially the religious fascism ruling Iran, are scared and frightened of not having legitimacy and stability. Recently, the Times of London, in an article about Wikipedia’s policies, warned and expressed concern about the Iranian regime manipulating information in the articles of this global website.

This is while the world knows that Tehran’s mullahs use a killing, execution, and torture machine on a daily basis to suppress the Iranian women, youths, and intellectuals. But, they probably don’t know that in this soft war, the mullahs who are trying to survive, have created a false propaganda and documentation machine in the virtual and digital media to hide their bloody slayer hands.

Persian Wikipedia Corrupted

In 2003, the mullahs started the propaganda machine when the Persian Wikipedia in Iran was established. They took an extraordinary and untimely leap by recording false information in the news and scientific ecosystem of the encyclopedia.

The mullahs’ intelligence and repression system uses the Ministry of Information, the IRGC, the Ministry of Culture and Guidance, and others, with the aim of demonizing and distorting the face of its opposition and the democratic movement. They use the global encyclopedia as a tool by hiring English and Farsi-speaking professional employees and abusing Wikipedia’s policy and guidelines.

They have designed and operationalized “fake government narratives” in think tanks and in the news centers by encouraging and developing information against their opponents and opposition.

Majid Rafizadeh, a Harvard University professor and Town Hall columnist, in an article about false information on Wikipedia has written that first, Iranian news articles are published in Wikipedia. Then these articles are used as sources to support claims and shape narratives as speakers of the Iranian government.

This is while in Iran today, forced confessions, executions, torture and murder in prisons, rape (according to Amnesty International’s report), chain poisoning in girls’ schools, blinding hundreds of young people with shotguns, and spraying acid on women’s faces are common forms of oppression. These oppressive tools are used against journalists, lawyers, teachers, students, union and environmental activists, ethnic and religious minorities such as Balochs, Kurds, Arabs, Bahais, and Christians in the entire world’s media.

The Iranian government has no restrictions on the use of fake coding and unreliable sources in the Persian Wikipedia. They wipe the bloody hands of the mullahs and its terrorists with fake information in the articles related to the regime’s warmongering, exporting terrorism to the Middle East, and censoring articles related to those who are killed on the streets by the IRGC forces.

It is noteworthy that some of the misleading tactics of the religious government of Iran to transmit fake information have been exposed in both the English and Persian Wikipedia in the Town Hall and the human rights site of Justice for Iran, which is headquartered in London.

The guardians of Wikipedia’s reputation must take action to safeguard the quality and usefulness of the encyclopedia.

Pejman Talebi
Pejman Talebi is an Iran & Middle East political and Economic researcher.