Iran: IRGC Missile Launch Amid Steel Worker Protest In Oil-Rich Ahvaz

Iran has the ability to build ballistic missiles with a broader range, a senior commander of the elite Revolutionary Guards said on Monday. This was according to the semi-official Fars News agency. (Reuters reported)

“We have the ability to build missiles with a broader range,” Hajizadeh said, according to Fars News. He added, “We don’t have limitations from a technical perspective or by conventions with regard to missile range.”

The Iranian government ruled out negotiations with Washington over its military capabilities. It especially exempts its missile program run by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Iran is spending billions of dollars on its ballistic missile programs and supporting terrorism around the globe while it ignores the basic needs of its people. The regime puts its resources toward domestic suppression, warmongering, and expansion of terrorism abroad. This has led to poverty and deprivation among Iranians, and Popular Uprisings in Iran.

Ahvaz steel worker protest - they wear white shirts as a symbol of sacrificing their life.
Ahvaz steel workers protest wearing white shirts as a symbol of sacrificing their life.

Meanwhile, workers from the Ahvaz National Steel Industrial Group continued their strike and demonstrations for the 31st day On Monday, December 10th. While marching on the streets of the city and passing by state institutions, the workers, being supported by other people, chanted:

“Get out of Syria! Think about our plight!”

“Imprisoned workers must be released”

“Neither threats, nor prison is useful anymore”

“Call of every worker: Death to The tyrant”

“Workers would rather die than accept humiliation”

“We stand; we die until we get our rights”

“Our country is place of thieves, it is unique in the world”

“Rouhani, the liar; where is your key to the problems?”

Some workers carried banners which read: “Do not sacrifice workers to the brokerage mafia”; “Isn’t authorities’ silence against the Mafia the reason for their complicity?”

Ahvaz steel workers protest.
Ahvaz steel workers protest.

This brave strike and demonstration take place while the regime’s leaders, by threats and incentives and giving deceptive promises, seek to push the workers to break their strike. However, the workers stressed that they would continue their protests until they achieve all their goals, including returning the company to the main body of the government, establishing all production lines, supplying the necessary equipment and parts, solving the workers’ insurance problem, and paying regular and timely salaries of the workers.

Ahvaz steel workers protest.
Ahvaz steel workers protest

The Haft Tapeh Sugarcane workers also resumed their protest on Sunday morning. They protest the regime’s hollow promise to release detained representatives of the workers and said they would not tolerate so many false promises.

Steel Worker Protest Video

At the same time, angry drivers of the South Drilling Company on the outskirts of the city of Ahvaz went on strike in protest against not paying their salaries and their poor livelihood. They blocked the Ahvaz road at the airport’s T junction.

Iran Missiles

The Reuters report quoted Amirali Hajizadeh, head of the Revolutionary Guards’ airspace division. He said “Iran’s missiles currently cover a range of 2000 kilometers (1,240 miles) and many ‘enemy bases’ are within 800 kilometers of the Islamic Republic.”

US President Donald Trump officially withdrew from the “Iran Deal” this year, throwing Iran into chaos and upsetting the cozy dealings of the European Union with the rogue regime. The Iranian government says it will not negotiate with the Americans over its military capabilities, and especially not over the Revolutionary Guard missile programs.

Donald Trump said that the international deal with Iran was flawed, and it allowed Iran to continue to flout its obligations and continue its malign hegemony across the Middle East. Iran continues to support Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations in the region.

Israel is currently disrupting Hezbollah’s tunnels in northern Israel, as they get support from Iran to dig under Israeli walls.

Hassan Mahmoudi is a human rights advocate and Social Media journalist seeking democracy for Iran and peace for the region.