Iranian Diplomat Chats Terror Plan with Tehran Officials

European intelligence services have evidence that Asadollah Asadis, an Iranian official under diplomatic cover, was involved in last year’s plot to bomb a rally outside Paris.

The evidence against Asadollah Asadis comes from his contacts with the regime officials as recorded chats, that were collected by European intelligence services. “According to the western official, the intercepts provide strong evidence of Mr. Asadi’s involvement in the foiled plot to bomb the Paris gathering called ‘Free Iran 2018 / The Alternative’ rally.”

European security officials intercepted communications that suggest that under diplomatic cover, Asadollah Asadi was not only involved in the terror plan. Asadi also coordinated the plot’s efforts with colleagues back in Iran.

asodallah asadi chats terror plan for paris bomb plot.
Asodallah Asadi – Paris bomb plot.

The question is who was chatting with Asadollah Asadi in Iran?

Asadollah Asadi, currently in detention in Belgium, provided a Belgian-Iranian couple with 500 grams of TATP, a powerful plastic explosive. The target for the bomb plot was the annual meeting of the Paris-based Opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).

Iranian officials knew the rally would be addressed by a wide range of people from around the world. They included elected representatives, officials, politicians, human rights activists, dignitaries, lawmakers and political figures.

Among those planning to attend the event were former New York City mayor and Trump lawyer Rudolph Giuliani and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

This was not the first terror plan arranged by the Iranian regime.

Conclusion of a Similar Terror Plan in 1994

A car bomb exploded outside the Argentine AMINA building on 18 July 1994.

The seven-story building collapsed and 85 people were killed.

In 2006, the late Alberto Nisman an Argentine lawyer who worked as a federal prosecutor, and chief investigator of the 1994 car bombing in Buenos Aires, formally charged Iranian officials with directing the 1994 Amia attack.

Mr. Nisman was found dead in his apartment on 18 January 2015 with a bullet wound to the head and a pistol lying by his side.

According to the investigations by Prosecutor Nisman, the plan to blow up the Jewish center in Buenos Aires was discussed in a meeting of Iranian regime’s Supreme National Security Council on 14 August 1993 by Khamenei (the current supreme leader), Hashemi Rafsanjani (then President), Ali Akbar Velayati (then Foreign Minister), and Ali Fallahian (Minister of Intelligence).

Once the decision for the bombing was finalized, Khamenei tasked the intelligence ministry and the revolutionary guards’ Qods Force (IRGC-QF) with carrying out the bombing.

At that time, Ahmad Vahidi was the Commander of the Qods Force and Mohsen Rezaee was the Commander of IRGC.

There are currently many protests across Iran, assisted by MEK resistance units.

These activities against the Icon of the regime are escalating in cities throughout Iran. The international campaign such as the Warsaw summit and the international isolation of the regime throughout the world places further pressure on Tehran’s mullahs.

There are calls for countries around the world to expel all terrorists who carry out the regime’s agenda under diplomatic cover. Thwarting Iran’s policies of terrorism and political assassinations requires combined action from the United States and the European Union.

Hassan Mahmoudi
Hassan Mahmoudi is a human rights advocate and Social Media journalist seeking democracy for Iran and peace for the region.