International and Internal Pressure on Iran

International Pressure

The U.S. wants to reduce Iran’s oil revenue to zero, the U.S. State Department director of policy planning said Monday.

“We are working to minimize disruptions to the global market but we are confident there is sufficient global spare oil production capacity,” Brian Hook told reporters.

“We have been clear with countries and companies around the world that we are bringing severe economic pressure on Iran until the regime changes its destabilizing policies,” he added.

paveh teachers, iran, part of a demonstration of international and internal pressure on iran.
Paveh teachers, Iran

Internal Pressure

Last week there was social unrest across Iran, with protests by truck drivers and merchants on strike.

Today, following calls for a strike on October 14 that was widely circulated on social media, teachers joined the nationwide strike. They came out in more than 21 provinces, and 100 Education centers in 60 major cities, including Tehran, Karaj, Esfahan, Yazd, Kermanshah, Shiraz, Mashhad, Ilam, Gonabad, Tabriz, … according to the report by PMOI/MEK

teachers in eslam abad gharb, Iran
Teachers in Eslam Abad Gharb, Iran

A nationwide strike on Sunday, protesting poor living conditions, problems with their jobs and heavy security measures imposed in their schools were launched by teachers. Students in various cities have announced their support for their teachers on this initiative.

marivan teachers.
Marivan teachers.

Since anti-government demonstrations erupted throughout Iran in December, strikes have become a popular way for citizens of different walks of life and social classes to protest against the corruption and inefficiency of the Iranian regime.

Teachers in sard roud azarbayejan, Iran
Teachers in Sard Roud Azarbayejan, Iran

Teachers protested, demanding “Detained Teachers Must be Freed,” “NO to Prison for teachers” “Teachers’ future must be secured,” “proper jobs and security,” “Teachers must rise to end the discrimination and a low monthly salary.” and to “have their own independent Syndicates and Associations.”

Teachers in kermanshah, Iran.
Teachers in Kermanshah, Iran.

Protestors Ignore Secret Service

The special plain clothed agents of the Iran secret service had surrounded the protesting teachers in some cities. But the protestors ignored the pressure and continued with their protest.

javan roud teachers, Iran
Javan Roud Teachers, Iran.

In social media, the teachers covered extended activities with hashtags #Iranstrikes #TeachersStrike # تحصن_سراسری_معلمان #اعتصاب_سراسری which has been supported widely.

Teachers in yasouj
Teachers in Yasouj

In another event on Oct 14, Hassan Rouhani went to Tehran University to make a speech. Outside the auditorium, students expressed their anger by chanting against him. They also protested inflation and high prices. Only student Basij forces were allowed inside the auditorium.

khorram abad teachers, iran
Khorram Abad Teachers, Iran

Hassan Mahmoudi is a human rights advocate and Social Media journalist seeking democracy for Iran and peace for the region.