Albania Needs Justice, Not Private Guerilla Units

This is not time for military confrontation and new war conflicts between Balkans’ countries, but for mutual cooperation, reconciliation, development, democratization, peace, stability and their integration within European Union, NATO etc.

While Albania has been recognized by Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia in 1990 of the 20th century (although, without resettlement of the National Status of Albanians 1878-at present), there’s no more need for Albanian guerrillas within Ethnic Albania territory in the Balkans.

Hence, Albania itself de facto and de jure closed the “theme” of the establishing, existing and acting of each formation and structure of the Albanian illegal guerilla in indigenous territories o Ethnic Albania. Also, Albania officially declared against union of Ethnic Albanians and territories including and Kosova, even if this is on the contrary to the natural and historic right of Albanians upon their Ethnic Albania.

Therefore, each behaviour and action differently from this official political course of Tirana, might be punished, and isolated by Albania itself and its allies such as the United States, NATO and European Union.

Albania Needs Justice, Not Private Guerilla Units.
Albanian guerillas

Albanians haven’t “overplus” people to send into a blind alley! If needed to be created Albanian guerilla units, those can be formed legally by the Albanian government, not from different private bosses and groups because it isn’t simple to play with fate of the peoples and Ethnic Albania so long as this is not private property of the businessmen and party leaders, but it’s crucial and vital question to all Albanians and Ethnic Albania.

By international recognition of Kosova as an independent and sovereign state, all Albanians within Ethnic Albania should be cleared that resolving of the Albanian colonial question in Balkans could be done only by maintaining peaceful politics and diplomacy.

Only through peaceful and democratic dialogue not by using legal or illegal military or paramilitary forces because that would be in flagrant contradiction with rules of international law, provisions of the United Nations Charter, provisions of the Albania’s Constitution (1998), and with content of the Platform to resolve Albanian national question, written by the Academy of the Sciences of Albania (1998).

All these national and international important documents prefer that colonial question ought to be resolved only by peaceful, lawful and democratic means.

Today, Kosova and Albania need not any demand to prepare or to use illegal guerilla units ( with masks or without masks) because their time is over after Kosova became independent state. This proved and internal and foreign policy of Albania (even if up to now isn’t resolved Albanian national question in Balkans) which has recognized Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. That means, de facto and de jure Albania closed a “theme” of establishing, existing and acting of each private formation and structure of the Albanian illegal guerilla in indigenous areas of the Ethnic Albania.

Meanwhile, in a military sense that means each activity and eventual resistance by any guerrilla paramilitary unit (be it under mask or not) in any part of the Ethnic Albania will legally be punished not only by Slavic colonial countries, but as well by Republic of Albania itself.

In this observation-point, the question is, who are those Albanians that might fight with Republic of Albania, notwithstanding of the fact that Albanian national question in Balkans isn’t resolved yet?

Apart form status quo of the Albanians and their colonized territories in Balkans, Republic of Albania is that who should to move the first step toward decolonization-resolving of the Albanian national question in Balkans, not guerilla units under masks or without those just because those aren’t able to solve nothing on favor to improve political and national status of Albanians who are under colonial rule of the Slavic neighbor countries (1912-2018), on the contrary they can complicate and can make worse their life status quo, in general.

This is not time for any kind of the Albanian illegal guerilla, but the time of the hard competition in all of the life realms. Regardless of rational intent, they who are hidden under different masks, they are suspected in face of their people, internal laws, and international factors who are present in Kosova and Albania.

Albanians needn’t any kind of “double army” because then ” a dog wouldn’t know its host,” Albania and Albanians would transformed in “second Lebanon” in Balkans. However, Albanians and Albania haven’t need neither “Lebanon” nor “Lebanonization.” They don’t need neither “second Palestine” nor “palestinization” of their territories so long as that wants Serbia and its allies to inflame Albanians and Albania in order to transform them in second “Palestine” and “Lebanon” in Balkans, testify in face of the Western Europe and the United States that Albanians ” are very danger Muslim terrorists” for Balkans and Western civilized democratic Europe.

However, this anti-Albanian strategy and tactic of the colonialist and imperialist Serbia and its traditional historical partners with Russia as a main supporter, Albanians, by all means, should neutralize, giving up any illegal paramilitary initiative and activity, because it’s against of the common interest of all Albanians and Albania, and, also against humanitarian, politics, diplomatic, military and strategic interests of the United States and Northern Atlantic Alliance(NATO) in Balkans.

If Albanians will be threaten from eventual war conflict or invasion from their neighbor colonizer countries, at first, must be reacted by all legal means Republic of Albania together with NATO as its member, not any kind of Albanian illegal guerilla units, because of the fact that after Albania joined NATO, common status of Albanians (physical , political, lawful, protective, security etc.) in Balkans isn’t more under “mercy” of their Slav-Byzantine age-long enemies, but directly and indirectly depend it from Albania, America and NATO.

Albanians and Albania need America and NATO for ever. If this thing, all Albanians aren’t able to understand and to have very clear as duly and decent, then could be danger that this historical chance, and unpriced huge capital fort today and tomorrow of Albanians and Albania, meantime, can be peculated and capitalized by Albanians neighbors colonial countries in Balkans.

Albanians and Albania should be aware that they needn’t any pattern of militarism, nor the other paramilitary illegal guerilla units because they have their army, NATO and America who protect their vital interests in Balkans, Europe and in all other relevant institutions and organizations of the international community.

No, “lebanonization” of Ethnic Albania!

As a rule of today of pragmatic practice of the common diplomacy and, notably of military diplomacy is, “if you confront or fight at the same time with two, or more rivals, you will be loser 100 per cent.”

Therefore, who needs Albanian illegal guerilla today? – To send it in death, for what?! – No, far away hands from such all Albanians disaster! – Albanian people haven’t boys and girls-juvenility for cannon-fodder to meet desire of the political and military losers in peace and war. If it’s time of war (but it’s not time of war), then all Albanians should go at war, not in groups or illegal guerillas units under “head scarf”(!?) – There was illegal and legal time of war in Kosova, Eastern Kosova and in Macedonia (1998-2001), but that didn’t use neither all Albanians nor Albania itself own. Indeed, they who want to fight at illegal and legal war they have testified themselves at all three wars (KLA, NLA, LAPBM). Now, the “train left,” there is no more war, no more illegal guerilla units, but “work, work by night and by day that to see a little light” so was written a famous Albanian writer Naim Frasheri. Now is time of peace, there’s no time of war! Hereupon, we should leave with peace and for peace, not with war and for war because it belong to the past.

Neither Albanians nor Albania in Balkans haven’t any reason that to covet import of “lebanonization” and “palestinization” of Albania because that would be the end of their political, economic, national, democratic and developmental perspective in this century. Like that, they would eliminated themselves own from NATO-s and the United States western interest.

As all above, after Albania has become a member of the NATO-s, (April, 2009) every tendency and efforts to be established Albanian illegal guerillas units in areas of the Ethnic Albania, is with a big risk and with unpredicted consequences because at the same time will confront with Albania, NATO, US, EU, and with colonial neighbor Slavic states in Balkans.

So, all Albanian political leaders who want to work in favor of the Albanians and Ethnic Albania, they must give up a strategy and tactic of their military and paramilitary doctrine and practice too, because that is multiple harm for common national interest of Albanians and Ethnic Albania.

All of us must be aware, vigilant, visionary, realist, pragmatic not say “hop” without looking before leap because at all this is not simple thing to be formed illegal guerilla units, when those now are misbegotten and out time of peaceful trends and reality in Balkans. First of all, this proved and interrelation of the national and international political and military forces and factors who are present in all areas of the Ethnic Albania.

America helps Albanians and Albania in Balkans, not for “petroleum” or “gold,” but by reason of its complementary vital interest who are close connected with stability, security, peace and democracy of Europe as a key factor in preserving of the balance of power and relationships of the international community entirely.

Lastly, all the Albanian political leaders who have taking into account created circumstances and realities in Balkans should abandon from their military and paramilitary concepts because those don’t correspond with concepts and processes of the integrative and democratic transition of Balkans and Western Europe.

Otherwise, those political leaders who don’t want to see and recognize this reality, they will take upon themselves a huge burden and responsibility such as in human, political, militarily, national and lawful as well.

Mehdi Hyseni is an Albanian Ph.D. in International Political Relations, residing in Boston.