Macron v Zemmour: Will The French Republic Survive

There are times in a country’s life that the ‘all is well’ pretense is out the window. It is a time for do or die. The French Republic is at this point now. There is a choice, Macron V Zemmour.

After Hungary’s election last week, the election in France this week will indicate how the French people feel about similar issues of totalitarianism, fascism, corporate state, i.e. “globalism,” and immigration that is taking away the French from France.

France’s current president Emmanuel Macron has been a disaster for the Republic; he is the puppet of special interest groups such as the US-based giant McKinsey that pushed his presidency’s win. That is now known as the “McKinsey Affair,” cronyism and industrial complex; he is proven to be totally unfit to be a president.

France’s President Emmanuel Macron’s opponents have criticized the French government for state spending on consulting firms that skyrocketed to more than €1 billion under Macron’s watch, paying private consulting firms to help him become president in return for quid-pro-quo backdoor deals.

During Macron’s tenure, Antisemitism perpetrated by the Muslims in France, has risen tremendously. Jews have been leaving France in droves.

Now France is facing elections and Eric Zemmour, age 63, a Jew, a political journalist, essayist, writer and pundit, is challenging Macron for the president’s position. Many in France believe that if Zemmour is not the winner of the upcoming election, the French Republic, since 21 September 1792, has no chance to survive.

On Sunday, March 27, 2022, two weeks before the presidential election, the candidate Zemmour held a public meeting at the Trocadéro, a site of the Palais de Chaillot, an area of Paris, where 100,000 French people came to hear him.

France Infested With Antisemitism

In February 2022, Jeremy Cohen, 31, a French Jew, died in what police first deemed to be a traffic accident. A video released by his family days before France’s presidential election and on the anniversary of the high-profile murder of Sarah Halimi, another French Jew, victim of Muslim hate crime, strongly suggests that the incident involving their son, wearing a Jewish skullcap (kippah), was triggered by a bullying mob who attacked him. Attempting to escape, Jeremy failed to see the tram coming toward him, which hit and killed him. Eric Zemmour and Marine Le Pen, the two politically Right-Wing leading presidential candidates, accused the French authorities of downplaying the possibility that the case was of anti-Semitic violence, which the French government constantly tries to hide and cover up.

Recently, Zemmour addressed the French people of the Jewish faith who are very worried about their future in France. They are concerned about their children’s and grandchildren’s future in France. Mostly, can they live in peace and security in France now, but what about in the near and far future?

Macron v Zemmour
Emmanuel Macron v … ric Zemmour. Image from youtube screenshot.

Excerpts From Zemmour’s Address

Many think they’d better run away, and it’s too late to act. I think there is still a chance to save France. I know some people don’t agree on everything, but we agree on the essentials.

As you know, I am the only one to denounce the expansion of Islam which is ravaging our country. The media and some community ‘representatives’ want to hide a very simple truth: the Antisemitism that kills today is Islamic. Over the past ten years, who has killed Jews in France? Who threatens those who walk around with a yarmulke? Who made the Jews flee from the schools of Seine Saint Denis? Who killed Mireille Knoll, Ilan Halimi, the Sandlers, Sarah Halimi, Jérémie Cohen, Yohan Cohen, Philippe Braham, François-Michel Saada? We are in a country where the police must protect Jewish schools and synagogues. We live in a country where the imam of Toulouse who called for the murder of the Jews was released on the pretext ‘that he relied on a religious verse’. How long are we going to put up with all of this?

For a long time the French of the Jewish faith have not lived in peace because of the scum who rot your life. For 5 years, anti-Semitic acts have exploded. Every day, Jews are attacked because they are Jews. Over the past 5 years acts of violence have also exploded, assaults, thefts, burglaries. You are all touched from near or far.

Today, I am the only candidate who has the courage to oppose head-on and radically the jihadists, who, over the past 6 years, have killed 264 people in our country where even priests have had their throats cut in their churches.

For 10 years France has been the country most affected by Islamic terrorism in the West.

What are the politicians doing to stop this? Nothing.

Our politicians are no longer able to protect the French and even less the French Jews in our country, neither during their lifetime nor, in view of the desecration of many Jewish graves, nor after their death.

The press says I’m tough; this is because the sufferings of my people make me tough.

To fight against these [Muslim] scourges, we need a President who protects his people, each of the children of his people.

I deeply believe that the first way to fight against Antisemitism is to fight against the expansion of Islam.

I will be on the side of the police and the victims. I will restore firm justice and return to the country to permanent protection of our society from those who have taken action.

I absolutely respect religious freedoms.

We cannot renounce France, we cannot submit.

It is time to have a President who knows how to protect his people and put an end to submission. We must think of our children and our grandchildren. I am counting on you this Sunday, April 10.”

How Did France Arrive at This Point in History?

I recently sat down to discuss the reasons France is where it is today with a new friend, a Jew, a person who due to her profession was deeply entrenched in France’s politics and is a runaway from France. She and her family, many generations of French Jews, have arrived to settle in the United States because life for Jews in France has become intolerable.

According to my friend whom I will address as “V,” there are three main reasons due to which the French Republic is pacing toward oblivion:


In 1974, Président Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, expressed the desire to ameliorate foreign workers.

A February 16, 1983 op-ed discussed France’s immigration policies for North Africa, mainly Algeria. As the French cliché goes, the North African immigrants in France did not integrate and become French, rather, they brought their country of origin to France and with it Islamic fundamentalism and social agitation.

Until the early 1970s, France welcomed unskilled workers from the third world. Ongoing ailing economy changed the policy and the government of Valery Giscard d’Estaing ended legal immigration and began paying foreign residents as much as 10,000 francs ($1,460) to return home voluntarily. However, few immigrants left voluntarily while many more entered the country illegally.

palais de chaillot
Palais de Chaillot, Paris.

In 1981, under President François Mitterrand, the Socialists got into power and declared an amnesty for about 100,000 illegal aliens who had arrived in France before January 1981.

Although the proverbial claim is that immigrants do the manual labor Frenchmen do not want, unemployment jumped past 2 million and polls showed that immigrants were blamed for the increasing number of jobless French people. Taking workers from undeveloped countries when so many French people are unemployed, became a social agitator.

“France is bankrupt,” claims V. The government does not tell the people the truth as it is selling the country, piece by piece. See, for example, how some well known brands for which France is recognized were sold to China and Qatar, I.e. French wine. “The politicians hide the truth from the public for fear of civil uprising. For instance, the yellow jackets protests, which were a series of populist grassroots weekly protests in France, at first for economic justice and later for institutional political reforms that began on November 17, 2018.”

France also faced a crisis in a series of terrorist bombings, thought to be carried out by Arabs. Mitterrand responded by further beefing up border security and tightening the country’s liberal political asylum policy.

The Courts:

The courts have become politically extreme Left leaning, lacking determined sanctions, instructed by the government to go soft on crime for fear of civil unrest. Subsequently, there is now lack of public safety.

The Media:

The journalists lie and hide the truth by commission and omission,” stated V, who is also a part-time journalist. “Twenty union members use 330 Muslims who do not read or write as their puppets in order to remain the voting majority. As a result, the French people do not read the truth.”

France is fast becoming the country of the Muslims, not the French people’s country. City streets are closed on Friday for mass Islamic prayers. To a large extent we have lost our France to the Muslims,” V expresses her frustration and the reason she emigrated.

Back to Eric Zemmour Candidacy

Knowing that Zemmour is a well-spoken journalist who expresses candid views about the reality of the country and the Muslims in France, the establishment causes him trouble in any way possible.

Zemmour makes the public aware that the Muslim immigrant element does not respect France’s Judeo-Christian tradition, culture, ethos and that they “get in the face of the French people,” what V experienced. “They impose their Islam on the Christian French people, and during Chrismas, the Christmas Tree is no longer allowed in the city square.”

Eric Zemmour has no problem with Muslims, he has a problem with the way they behave. Adversely, Emmanuel Macron is worried that matters will get out of control, therefore he piles the blame on Zemmour and would rather face Marine Le Pen in the April 10th election.

Sadly, according to V, the French people are cowards. They think they are too genteel and to avoid trouble they remain benign.

V believes that “if France has a chance to survive, people must make the right choice and elect Eric Zemmour in this election for the betterment of the country and all the French people.”

Macron v Zemmour

This Sunday, April 10, 2022 we will all know who will be the candidate to lead France to a better future or go through a slow death of the republic. We will also know if the French Jews must pack and leave France or remain to live a safer life. The deciding battle may be Macron v Zemmour.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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