Terrorism Torments Europe

Europe in the Flame of Terrorism and Siege of Millions of Immigrants

This is the biggest problem that has plagued Western Europe since the fall of the Berlin Wall, which marked the end of the Cold War(1989). This is a painful tragedy for Western Europe and its innocent victims from Islamic terrorism and the siege of the millions of immigrants.

This is the time for European leaders to think over most seriously about fate, safety, protection and prosperity of their peoples than how to accommodate the millions of immigrants around the world (Syria, Iraq, Libya, Tunis, Egypt, Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Balkans etc.).

This type of immigrant flooding is an undeclared war of the occupation of the territory of Western Europe, which in the long run, will change its demography. Indeed, it is not humane to close borders to immigrants (I understand spiritually and humanely what it does mean to be a refugee victim of the war and terror because I was one of the thousands Albanians who experienced terrible war of Serbian genocide in Kosovo in 1999).

Also, it is not humane and justifying the killing and terrorizing of hundreds and thousands innocent of citizens in their homes and in their countries like what happened in Paris just recently where the barbaric acts of inhuman terrorists who killed 128 innocent civilians.

After this horrible tragedy of killing in Paris, all European countries should close their borders in order to save and protect their people from terrorism. There is no other alternative to protect them from all types of terrorism.

First of all, all European countries should establish a common strategy on how to achieve complete security, defense, peace, stability, freedom, movement and prosperity for all their citizens within their borders.

The European leaders should not “melt so much mind,” spending enormous human energy, money, millions and trillions to accommodate more and more immigrants from Balkans, Africa, Asia countries by changing demographics, the socio-economic situation, living standards, historical and ancient civilizations, democratic, cultural and traditional values.

Europe is for Europeans and should remain so. To what degree of risk is Western Europe and the entire world today as confirmed by Pope Francis who expressed condolences to the families of the victims and the government of France, stated : “World War III has already begun and the international community would be justified in using force to stop unjust aggression by Islamic State militants. I am close to the people of France, to the families of the victims, and I am praying for all of them. I am moved and I am saddened. I do not understand, these things.”