Ireland Abortion Referendum: Voters Repeal Abortion Ban in Landslide

Victory for Yes Campaigners

Irish citizens have spoken, in a quest to liberalize the country’s restrictive abortion laws. Ireland abortion referendum resulted in a majority voting “yes” to repeal the constitutional amendment banning abortion.

Final provisional results show that 66.4 per cent of voters opted to repeal a constitutional amendment that in effect banned abortion in a vast majority of cases.

The landslide victory to repeal the Irish Eighth Amendment has drawn jubilation from the Yes campaigners and Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.

Mr. Vardkar hailed the outcome as a “once in a generation vote” that showed the electorate’s concern “for the next generation.”

The wrenching pain of decades of mistreatment of Irish women cannot be unlived,” Mr Varadkar said.

Exit Poll Favors Repealing Eighth Amendment

Based on the exit polls, the majority of the Irish people voted “yes” to repeal the country’s Eighth Amendment, giving hints of victory for pro-abortion Irish citizens.

Exit polls suggested a landslide vote in favor of reforming the law. About 69% voted to repeal a part of the constitution that effectively bans terminations.

Though counting for votes is underway the Irish community and the world are waiting for the real results of the poll.

The Irish citizens voted on Friday in a highly controversial and anticipated poll where Irish citizens were asked whether they wanted to repeal or retain a part of the constitution known as the Eighth Amendment, which says an unborn child has the same right to life as a pregnant woman.

Ban of Abortion in Ireland

Ireland is considered the most Catholic country in the world. Not only divorce and contraception are forbidden, abortion is banned too.

But things have been different for the Irish people in recent years. Women became more empowered and the citizens have become more secular. In fact, a referendum was passed endorsing same-sex marriage in 2015.

With regards to abortion, women in recent years started to demand their rights to decide to terminate pregnancy. The Eight Amendment of the country’s constitution does not give women this choice. Even in cases of rape, child sexual abuse and incest, or where fatal foetal abnormalities are present, abortion is forbidden in Ireland.

That is why today, the Irish citizens want a reform and cast their votes whether they want to repeal the Eighth Amendment of Ireland’s constitution which protects the right to life of the unborn.

Ireland Abortion Referendum: YES Winning

The result of exit polls after the Ireland abortion referendum raised optimism among Irish citizens to repeal the Eighth Amendment of the country’s constitution.

Though counting is underway, some parts of Ireland already disclosed results of the poll.

All boxes have now been tallied in Kildare North – with Yes getting 74 per cent and No 26 per cent.

Results also came in early for both Cork South-Central and Cork North-Central – with both voting Yes.

Dublin Central voted overwhelmingly in favour of Yes – by 76.51 per cent.

The first official vote has been announced. Galway East has voted in favour of Yes by 60.2 per cent. See the story: Abortion: European Genocide?

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