British Government Abolishes Freedom of Speech, Silences Tommy Robinson and Media

British Police have arrested Tommy Robinson, a peaceful activist who reports the fact that the government ignores pedophilia and rape of children by Islamic gangs.

The main story here is that the British government outlawed freedom of speech, arrested a peaceful activist, sent him to prison and they have prevented British press reporting on the incident.

This is tyranny, something British governments used to do 800 years ago. Now they are doing it again. Activists say this is partly because they think they can get away with it. Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and the government will soon discover what that means.

Tommy Robinson and Islamic Rape Gangs

Tommy Robinson is one of the few people publicizing Islamic rape gangs and alleged rape gangs. The mainstream media has effectively covered it up. When two white men, Rolf Harris and Jimmy Saville, were accused of having sex with minors and women, the media were all over the stories, with helicopters and 24/7 coverage, but the rape of tens of thousands of young girls by Islamic rape gangs has been covered up.

After his arrest, it was immediately thought that if British prison authorities did not protect him, Tommy Robinson may die in prison, at the hands of islamic gangs which control most UK prisons. Last year, a British man, Kevin Crehan, died when British authorities virtually allowed an islamic gang to kill him.

Kevin Crehan was not a violent man. His crime was to leave a bacon sandwich outside a mosque. For that heinous crime, he was jailed for 12 months, but he was killed in prison halfway through his sentence.

Governments Frightened Of Their Muslim Populations

The British government is so frightened of its often-violent muslim population that they appease violent islamic offenders and instead, suppress the mostly white British population.

If the government enrages muslims, they often react violently, and the police allow them to commit violent acts. If the government enrages white Britons, they may hold a protest rally, but they do not become violent. The government response is to appease muslims and suppress whites. This dynamic may be about to change.

For more than ten years, British police in Rotherham, England ignored, denied and covered up the rape of young British girls. The many thousands of rapes of young girls by Islamic rape gangs were reported by the girls’ families, but the police did little, other than cover them up. Rank and file police officers followed orders, allowing the rapes to continue.

Just prior to being arrested outside a court in Leeds, Tommy Robinson was reporting that an alleged muslim grooming gang trial was in progress. He did not report on the content or proceedings in the trial, just that it was in progress.

Below here is the video that shows what happened when Tommy Robinson was arrested. The police said he was arrested for “breach of the peace.” Clearly, Tommy Robinson was not disturbing the peace, because he was alone, recording a livestream video.

Tommy Robinson is a hero of the people. His arrest on the apparently false charge of breach of the peace was done to trigger his imprisonment. His imprisonment is now backfiring on the British government, because it is uniting people across the UK even if they don’t agree with Tommy Robinson.

There were rallies for Tommy Robinson in many places across the UK. There was even a rally in Melbourne, Australia.

The British Tory government has usurped the right of free speech from the people, partly because they allowed the European Union to create their laws. People on the left, right or center of politics, if they have a functioning brain, even if they hate Tommy Robinson, and some do, must realize that if the government can take away Tommy Robinson’s right to free speech, their own right to free speech could be taken away next.

While Tommy Robinson was recording this livestream video, reporting the fact that the “grooming gang” case was to be heard in the court, the judge in the case was looking down on the street, from a large window near the courtroom. It was said the judge could be seen laughing with police as Tommy Robinson was driven away.

Shortly after, some people, possibly defendants in the case, some of whom are alleged to have raped and trafficked multiple young girls as young as 11, were issuing silent death threats to people below, from the same window the judge looked out from.

british judge laughs as police arrest tommy robinson
British judge laughs as police arrest Tommy Robinson.

What Have The Elites Done?

Tommy Robinson is one of the few people trying to get justice for British women and children. The British government, the police and the courts are implementing tyranny. They use false charges to silence the people they think they can control. They allow violent muslims free reign. They did nothing about the people who threatened Tommy Robinson. They prevented the press from publishing court proceedings. They did not allow Tommy to have his own lawyer. They arrested and charged him, took him before a court, sentenced and jailed him in just a few hours. That is known as a “kangaroo court.”

Caolan Robertson, who works with Tommy Robinson, said “They (the elites) do not understand what they’ve just done. … Back in 2007, they used to be able to silence Tommy Robinson by throwing him in jail and forcing a media blackout, but now we have the internet. This information is getting to the public, despite their attempt to stop it.”

Grooming Gang Rape Statistics

There are more than 100,000 known victims of islamic rape gangs in the UK. Muslims make up approximately 5% of the UK population, but 90% of those convicted for grooming gang crimes are muslim.

Here are three examples:

  • Rotherham, South Yorkshire, 1997 – 2013, at least 1,400 children, mostly white girls, subjected to sexual exploitation.
  • Rochdale, Greater Manchester, 47 girl victims of child sexual exploitation.
  • Halifax and Bradford, Yorkshire, 18 men convicted, sentenced to 175 years.

Here is a story about a young woman who was raped by a violent islamic predator when she was a child. The people who should have protected her not only did not protect her, they facilitated her rape and other violent treatment.

“Picked off by a paedophile gang, plied with drink, repeatedly raped and pregnant by 14: Victim of Rotherham child abuse ringleader reveals social workers and police did nothing despite knowing about her ordeal” [ Daily Mail ]

Media Reporting

The media did not report the grooming gang rapes. The government did not publicize the rapes. The police covered up the rapes.

The British Court and the British government issued a D notice, preventing British media from reporting anything about the grooming gang cases and Tommy Robinson. That notice cannot control the media of other countries, so word is getting out, but British newspapers say nothing about it. This is one of the most important stories today, as the British government acts like tyrants did 800 years ago.

The Rebel Media, a small independent news organization based in the USA, with a company and customers in the UK is preparing to fight the media ban in the UK courts.

Ezra Levant of today said “Where are the organizations like Amnesty International, or Reporters Without Borders? Where are they, coming to the aid of a citizen journalist who was just arrested faster than in any dictatorship? Where is Piers Morgan? Is he just happy to have Tommy silenced for good?”

Judge Admits Failure of Due Process

The judge in the islamic rape gang case, who looked out of the window in the photo above, is Judge Geoffrey Marson QC. Judge Geoffrey Marson admitted that he did not watch all of Tommy Robinson’s livestream, even though this livestream was the focal point of Robinson’s arrest according to the arresting officers. In effect, Judge Marston has admitted he ran a kangaroo court against Tommy Robinson.

Tommy Robinson even asked the police where he could stand while creating the livestream. That was well before he was arrested. British rule of law now appears to be completely arbitary.

In just a few days, more than 579,000 people have signed this petition to free Tommy Robinson.

The call from the British people, to their government, and to their MPs, is summarised in a single hashtag: #FREETOMMYROBINSON

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