Technology News All Consumers Must Know About in 2018

This week saw big news from the technology industry. With the recent cyber attacks all around the country, consumers need to take steps to keep themselves safe. This is why the FBI put out a public service announcement this week. The federal agency recommended that consumers take the time to reset their routers. This comes after an alleged Russian malware system supposedly infected tons of routers throughout the world. The FBI insists that router owns should reboot their devices. The FBI went on to say that the malware was capable of carrying out many functions, including collecting data, blocking network traffic, and exploiting devices.

The New York Times recently reported that the Sofacy Group was responsible for the attacks. This is the same group that is known as Fancy Bear and A.P.T. 28. The group is believed to be connected to the military intelligence agency in Russia. Consumers should indeed protect their connection by rebooting their router. It would also be a wise idea to upgrade the firmware and change the password. Both are great ways to protect a router from outside threats. Also, it was announced that an upcoming IPO or initial public offering in China had caught a lot of attention.

It was announced that affiliates of Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent had agreed to become strategic investors in Foxconn Industrial Internet. It was revealed that the companies would be buying 21.8 million shares each at a price of 13.77 yuan for each share. The state was released on Sunday. These tech corporations have joined many others by buying into Hon Hai Precision Industry’s smart factory unit, which happens to be Apple’s most vital assembler. The company plans to raise 27.1 billion yuan or $4.3 billion with its listing. The company will be used to fund several projects, including smart manufacturing and 5th generation wireless technologies.

Several other companies have confirmed that they’ll be investing in FII’s IPO too. This includes Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group, China Life Insurance Company, China Railway Corporation, and Central Huijin Investment Limited. The company’s IPO could easily become of the biggest in the world. Finally, this week IDC revealed the twenty more important IT jobs for improving and maintaining the economy in the future. The research report was sponsored by Cisco. The report revealed that specific roles will become more and more vital in the future. Others will drop off somewhat.

Anyone who is interested in getting an IT job should be sure to check out the list and get the training needed at SkillsBuild. First and foremost, the report revealed that Security Management Specialists would be in hot demand in the company years. After all, the biggest corporations need to protect their data. Network engineers, Cyber Security Engineers, and IoT designers were next. Software developers clocked in at number six, while web developers were 13. Suffice to say, the IT industry is changing significantly. More focus is being placed on security and IoT than ever before.

Students should be aware and choose their degrees accordingly to get the most out of their time and money.

Melissa Thompson
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