Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart Makes Front Page News – Gives New Predictions

Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart made front page news this month, appearing on the front page of her home-state’s newspaper; Montana’s renowned Daily Inter Lake.

At the end of this month, Rose will reveal shocking new predictions for America and the world, with new predictions by the famed psychic to follow next week.

As noted of her predictions earlier this year, Rose stated;

“I see further attacks on the U.S. electrical grid, water supply, large companies, internet utility companies, and banking institutions.”
– Rose Stuart

Rose Stuart - a mystical mind.
Rose Stuart on the Front Page of Daily Inter Lake.

Jerusalem, Israel Attack Warning

In shocking year end predictions for December 2017 and January, Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart reported on NBC news among other media, that she was concerned about her vision of a bombing to occur in Jerusalem, which she stated she feels may occur this May or next month.

Protection of Christians

Rose urges President Trump and Congress to fight for the protection of Christians in Jerusalem who may be targets. She warns that Islamic terrorism is not subsiding, and they are desperate, and unlike the more advanced nations – think have nothing to lose.

This prediction by Rose was reportedly elevated immediately after President Trump announced the United States as recognizing Jerusalem as the Official Capital of Israel, which reportedly enraged many in the Muslim world, who vowed revenge.

North Korean False Flag

As noted earlier this week on ABC news, Rose states that she feels a group will try to blame North Korea as being involved in the Jerusalem bombing, creating a false flag situation, to try foster quicker war with North Korea, but states that they will not be involved. She advises The White House, State Department, Israel, and U.N. to avoid this confusion.

False Flag Culprits

Rose tells NewsBlaze today that the people who will attempt the false flag with North Korea are the same people creating confusion with the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un, who do not want what’s best for America and the world, but who instead want war for political reasons.

North Korean Alliance; Covertly Attacking U.S. Grid

Rose earlier warned this week, on NBC news among other news sites, that certain people in China, Russia, and Iran are covertly aligning with North Korea, trying to weaken America. She warns that North Korean agents, hackers, and spies are messing with America’s infrastructure; including but not limited to banking systems, accounts, transactions, and particularly large companies, and the internet.

Rose reminds that the ongoing use of spy satellites being used against the U.S, and sleeper cell systems is still occurring. And, she warns that North Korea are attempting to covertly take over control of and take down certain major U.S. corporations which lead the American economy, and which the U.S. infrastructure relies on. She warns further of attacks on the electrical grid, water supply, and electric and internet utility companies, and banking institutions.

Rose tells NewsBlaze readers to back up all of their computer work and digital files, and make copies of everything – preferably hard copies. She also warns to make strong passcodes, and change them often.

Trump and Kim Jong Un Meeting

Rose Stuart earlier stated that the meeting between Trump and Un will most likely occur, and be a positive meeting, but warns against trusting the word of the North Korean leader at face value.

With the latest news that Trump had reportedly cancelled the meeting due to Kim Jong Un’s alleged berating of U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, Rose further reminds and adds that Un looks up to Trump, that he watched the Apprentice, that he wants to be like him, and wants the world to finally see that he is as powerful as America and Trump is. Rose adds that Un wants pictures of himself with Trump, and wants to be seen as the hero and even more larger than life celebrity among the North Korean people.

Rose further states that Un wants the meeting to occur, and that the group that is planning the false flag attack in Jerusalem is again the same people trying to make the meeting not happen, and fostering conflict between the two countries. She says that these are Deep State type officials within the U.S. Government who are creating these problems, who have allegiance to a globalist agenda of starting WW3.

Rose Stuart wants to remind the President to listen to his instincts, and not be deceived by these Deep State leaders who are trying to derail his diplomacy with not only North Korea, but also with Russia, and a new deal with Iran. Rose says that Trump is a very smart man, and trusts he will do the right thing, and says that she feels the meeting will still occur.

President Trump Given Warnings

Rose Stuart’s team has reportedly recently contacted the Office of President Trump, passing along many of the above predicted warnings. The White House has reportedly confirmed that the message was received and will be reviewed.

America’s Most Trust Psychic

Rose Stuart is an ordained minister, who says she developed her gift as a psychic and intuitive expert at a very young age. Ranked as one of America’s Most Trusted Psychics, she states that her specialty is helping many people reunite with lovers, which she loves to do. The gifted psychic also does energy work including Reiki, and uses what she calls the healing power of prayer. She has helped solve cold cases, and helped find missing children, among more, often donating her services to help victims.

Metaphysical Boutique & Gift Shop

Also earlier reported, Rose’s new store The Rose Boutique, Etc. #3, offers a place to buy many unique new products including; special crystals, incense, special hand made jewelry, and even special healing stones. Rose states that she began her metaphysical work as a young child, giving readings for adults who were shocked at the young girl’s uncanny ability to tell them things about their past and future that were true.

Her Motto: Tell Her Nothing She Tells You All

Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart was recently featured on the front page of Montana’s renown newspaper, “The Daily Inter Lake.” As mentioned earlier this fall, Rose states that she truly loves helping people, and her specialty is reuniting lovers. More of her other services include; reading palms, tarot, astrology charts, love charts, energy work, spirit guide and ancestor work, chakra balancing, Reiki, relationship counseling, and much more.

Scheduling a Session with Rose

For a personal reading with Rose, which she says also makes a perfect gift for friends or loved ones for their birthday or the holidays; clients may visit her store, or call her at one of her numbers below. Rose states that “Just as a cell phone reception can travel around the world through waves with satellites, so too travel the energy vibrations, and spirit energy of a human being, making her intuitive, quantum level type of work successful from near
or far.”

Visit Rose Stuart at:

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